Public School Teacher Stomps American Flag, Community Reacts in Disgust!

The American Flag haters are starting to feel the heat.

Todd Starnes of Fox News reported of a high school teacher close to Ft. Bragg North Carolina stomping on the American Flag in front of class. These American haters have nowhere to run. People are rising up. Americans still love this country. Because American hating Francis Lee is doubling down, the public outcry is shutting him down. If we continue to put on the pressure, the left retreats.  It’s happened time and time again. The Kaepernics of this world are not going to get away with this. The NFL will always be weak. Government High Schools will always cave to political correctness. It’s up to us to turn up the heat and not let up.

When American Flag hating liberalism reveals its true colors, it’s rejected.

Liberals will whine and cry about this.  They will try to convince you till they are blue in the face that it’s not about Hating America.  Liberals are losing this battle big time. The mask is finally off. Their communism is showing. Because they had minor victories with the confederate flag, now they have over-stepped with attacking the American flag. Their chickens are coming home to  roost.

The push back against this American hating piece of garbage high school teacher means we the people have the power.

Todd Starnes is reporting this teacher is under investigation from authorities and the school has had no choice but to suspend him.   The media tries to create an alternative universe. They want you to be fearful for our country. For the media, they want you to think the whole country is turning into cowards. Nobody is standing up against tyranny. People in mass are actually turning against the American Flag. This is evil media narrative that they try to push upon you. Don’t believe it for a minute. The truth is, we the people who love this country and its flag are the vast majority.

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