Public School Propaganda to be Legally Obligated to Undermine American Election [VIDEO]

A California bill will require public school propaganda to brainwash students that Russia interfered in the election and helped Donald Trump.

This is a teachable moment about Public School propaganda. A California lawmaker wants to use “public education” to disseminate anti-Trump, anti-Russia CIA propaganda. This is a learning opportunity because the true aim of public education is exposed.

The Mercury News reports,

The next time California schools update their history textbooks, a Marin County legislator wants to be certain they include a lesson that President-elect Donald Trump has been reluctant to learn: How Russian hackers interfered with the 2016 presidential election.

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A bill from Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-San Rafael, will ask the state to adopt high school history curricula based on a recent national intelligence assessment that Russia tried to influence the election by producing fake news and hacking into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

In testimony this month, National Intelligence Director James Clapper did not say the alleged Russian hacking changed the outcome of the race, but nevertheless called the actions “an existential threat” to the United States.

High school students need to learn about that threat, Levine said in an interview Wednesday. “We need to make sure that we treat this attack on American democracy with the appropriate significance it has in our nation’s history,” he said.

So, if this bill passes, the public schools in California will be assisting the CIA (and other intelligence agencies) in their coup attempt. They will legally mandate that highly partisan allegations from unreliable and partisan sources embedded in the federal government be passed off as fact. This public school propaganda will do more to damage American elections than Russia could ever do—even if the allegations were proven true. The California schools will train a generation to not trust election results every time their side loses.

We’ve written about this before. But here’s Glenn Greenwald, Leftist that he is, reminding a BBC interviewer of the facts. Notice that his simple argument makes her get almost hysterical.

Of course, Californians are ahead of the rest of the country in figuring out that mind control is the purpose of what is commonly (and inaccurately) called “public education.” This is not the only law aimed at dictating truth to children.

Another bill, introduced last week by Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa, would require schools to teach children “media literacy” — including how to tell the difference between “fake news” and real news.

“During the final, critical months of the 2016 presidential campaign,” Dodd’s bill states, “20 top-performing false election stories from hoax Web sites and hyperpartisan blogs generated 8,711,000 shares, reactions, and comments on social media.

Notice that they openly admit they are launching a propaganda war not only against “hoax Web sites,” but also “hyperpartisan blogs.” It is obvious that they are trying to brainwash children to despise the conservative media.

Education is about training children in basic life skills—reading, writing, arithmetic, and critical thinking. Education is, thus, of no interest to politicians. Adults devoid of such skills are much easier to control.

Here’s some “Russian propaganda.” Is it really so dangerous to the American people?

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