Public School Guest Speaker Resorts To Political Rant and Name Calling During Speech

There is no doubt that we have all fallen victim to smart alec teenagers. We can sympathize with the adult who gives in to their anger at bad behavior and disrespect. And, we most likely are guilty of forgetting our audience.

But, we have also seen those adults that have lost all control with kids and teenagers. They become angry and treat the children as if they beneath them or that they are guilty of more than adolescent angst. This happened to a speaker in New Jersey.

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Heatstreet reports

Prestigious Princeton High School invited Alison Macrina, the head of the Library Freedom Project, to speak to students about cyber security. Students assumed this would be a practical lecture on how to protect themselves online, but instead got an anti-Trump screed on identity politics.

The speech went south when Macrina began speaking about racist and sexist online trolls. Some of the students in the audience started laughing — they would later argue that they were simply laughing at the idea of trolls.

But Macrina was not amused. She accused the students of cheering for white supremacist symbols like Nazi swastikas. Discussing the incident afterward on Twitter — where she goes by the handle “local resistance” — Macrina said she was “astonished.”

She also thought that it was a good opportunity to lecture the children on their “white privilege. Though none of this had anything to do with the topic she was asked to speak on, she thought it a good time to “fix” these kids.

The Principle tried to smooth it over with the kids and parents.

Heatstreet continued

Princeton High School’s principal later apologized for the unintentionally political talk.

“We live in a turbulent time with emotions running high,” he told students. “While I can’t make excuses for our speaker, my perception is that she found herself caught up in the post-election climate and allowed that to influence her presentation.”

He also said the speech “strayed from the original message and objective” and the tone was inappropriate.

So, basically, he thinks she had butt-hurt over the election and took it out on these mean white kids. A great example of being an adult.

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