Protester at Clinton Rally Gets Kicked Out for Shouting, “DNC Leak”

In the wake of 20,000 DNC emails getting leaked by Wikileaks, one protester shouted, “DNC Leak,” and held up a sign with the Twitter handle, #DNCLeak.

Twitter is suppressing all tweets with this hashtag, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter users from sharing the remarkably indicting accounts Democrats, both elected and unelected officials, put in writing and sent through cyberspace. For example, the Democrats refer to Hispanics as “TACO BOWLS”; emails evidence literal collusion with media networks like CNN and MSNBC, where the DNC was literally telling show hosts what to say; and offered jobs to high paying donors (which is illegal).

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The clip below shows the protester being shoved out of the rally. Not escorted politely, but shoved.

His spirit lives on in the Twitterverse and the rest of Social Media, despite these companies ardent attempts to censor a widespread revolt against Hillary Clinton.

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