Who Will Protect Our Mothers, Wives, and Daughters?

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, which prompted me to reflect on how concerned I am for our mothers, wives, and daughters.

You see, I live in California and both houses in our state legislature are controlled by leftists Democrats and supported by the leftist Governor Jerry Brown.  These liberal legislators are trying to get on the train of states considering “bathroom bills” to correct alleged “transsexual” discrimination. They are starting with a law to require single-use public restrooms be changed to “all gender” facilities, by identifying “trans-genders” as a third gender. Each politically correct concession reduces the privacy and respect previously devoted to our mothers, wives, and daughters.

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First, I’m concerned about the precedence this Assembly Bill (AB 1732) sets in accommodating a very small group of “transsexuals,” who either have a sexual fetish or the psychological disorder known as Gender Identity Dysphoria (GID). This self-identification and expression has no scientific or biological basis and is projected to be professed by less than one-half of one percent (< 0.005) of our populace. That means only four (or less) in every 1,000 people are psychologically distressed with their biological sex at birth. Therefore, I believe this bill is statistically unnecessary and undesirable.

Secondly, the bill forces an unnecessary confrontation of adult issues upon our innocent children. AB 1732 would require all single-use restrooms “be identified as all-gender toilet facilities.”  Experienced, legislative analyzers say this means we will have to tear down “men,” “women,” “boys,” and “girls” from the doors of single-user restrooms statewide and replace them with pro-transsexuality, “all-gender” signs.

This radical change will attract attention and generate questions from our children and may require parents to present this very confusing subject before its “time.” Also, AB 1732 defines such a designated restroom as “a toilet facility with no more than one water closet and one urinal.” This added plumbing fixture may force a new parental talking point, as well.

wives and daughtersI’m thinking of my eight-year-old granddaughter and I believe this premature discussion could create either an unnecessary fear or even fascination in her innocent mind about this subject specifically and about sexuality in general. This, too, I feel, is unnecessary and undesirable.

Thirdly, this “social engineering” legislation has negative, practical, and legal implications. Because of its poor wording, it appears to require unknown costs to small businesses (and since there is no religious exemption, church schools, camps and churches themselves will be so required) to modify their single-use restroom(s) to accommodate these unprecedented changes and challenges. See a talking point flyer HERE that identifies the sections from AB 1732 which require new “all gender” signage as well as the apparent requirement of a urinal in each “single-user toilet facility.”

Finally, I am most concerned that this unnecessary, undesirable, and pro-LGBTQ bill adds steps down the “slippery slope” of no return in our state’s rejection of biblical values and our civilization’s mores.  I fear that while we may be able to practically accommodate the conversion of public, single-stall bathrooms for anyone’s use now, it ultimately paves the way for requiring public, “gender neutral,” multiple-stall restrooms, showers and changing areas (as TARGET, some schools and federally funded facilities are doing now!).

These misguided, new restroom-regulations may seek to resolve some kind of perceived discrimination, but they also deny the expectation of privacy for others, when they are most vulnerable. And, evil people (who may be heterosexual or LGBTQ) exploit these situations for perverted voyeurism, pedophilia, or even rape. Sexual predators look for opportunity.  “All-sexual” restrooms, fitting rooms, and shower facilities provide it.

May God guide us all, in this “new reality.”  May our elected officials discern the twisted, perverted times in which we live and courageously overcome political correctness to give the women and girls in our lives the privacy, protection, and respect they deserve!

Gary Curtis

Gary Curtis is a recently retired minister who writes a blog, where he seeks to relate a biblical worldview regarding societal issues of public interest. Trying to be “salt and light,” as Jesus commands, these brief blog-posts are primarily pro-life, pro-family and pro-religious liberties, while also speaking up for the people and nation of Israel.

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