Proof that the “Moderate Rebels” in Syria are Jihadists

Before the internet, selling the idea of war to Americans for “national security” reasons was so easy. But now that we have a fairly free flow of information, it’s not so easy anymore. That’s why they’re going to be cracking down on anything that questions their narratives. They’ll label anything that call what they’re doing into question “fake news.”

It was widely known that the U.S. – through the CIA – was funneling heavy weaponry to so-called rebels, who were supposed to be fighting to “free” Syria from the clutches of President Bashar al-Assad.

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Instead, what happened was that all that weaponry that was being sent to these “rebels” and “freedom-fighters” was ending up in the wrong hands. These terrorist groups – like the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Al-Nusra Front, and Al-Qaeda – were raping, murdering, pillaging, and destroying the country. And they still are.

This has unfolded the way it has by design. The U.S. will pretend to be of assistance to the “rebels,” saying that we want to “support democracy” and that we will not tolerate Assad’s “human rights violations,” knowing full well that our financial and military support would go to terrorist groups. That’s what the U.S. policymakers want, because then Syria will become more and more destabilized, and we can oust Assad, and install our own dictator who will do our bidding.

Here’s Ben Swann:


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