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PROOF! Man’s Use of Fossil Fuels & CO2 Have Minimal Effect on Climate Change!

To understand just how relatively minuscule the contribution of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by Man’s use of Fossil Fuels and Industrial Processes is actually when compared with the rest of our Earth’s atmosphere, I have created the following illustration.

It provides a comparison of the percentage concentrations of major gases in the Earth’s Atmosphere (i.e., our Troposphere) to the length of a 100-yard Football Field to give you a clear comparison, shown below.

Climate Change Chart

As you can see from the above illustration that Man-Made CO2 concentration is an Extremely Trace Concentration at 2-one-thousands of a percent (i.e., 0.002%) which is represented by the Width of a Thin Dime that is proportional to only a 1/32nd of an Inch line (0.03125”) in front of the goal post on a 100-yard football field!

Man produces an insignificantly small quantity of CO2 (0.002%, or 20 ppm) compared to the naturally-produced Greenhouse Gases, Water Vapor (H2O, 0.95%) and Natural-CO2 (0.038%) which are primarily produced by evaporation from the seas and the remaining major gases: Nitrogen (78%) and Oxygen (21%) as well as the remaining minor Greenhouse Gases (0.01%) such as Methane (CH4), Ozone (O3):

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Totaling: 100% of the Earth’s Atmosphere = 100 Yard Analogy.

Moreover, factual scientific analysis of 800,000 year-old ice cores has proven that:

  1. Atmospheric CO2 Does Not Cause Significant Warming due to the Greenhouse Effect – The Opposite of what Al Gore believed and CO2 has been falsely assumed by the Global Warming Alarmists (GWA) to cause a Man-Made Climate Warming Crisis soon in this 21st century when CO2 concentrations increase to a mere 600 ppm (parts-per-million) of Natural and Man-Made CO2 which is still a Trace Gas.
  2. Temperature Increases are actually produced by Increased Solar-Energy Output causing Evaporation of both CO2 and Water Vapor (H2O) into the atmosphere – Gradually increasing CO2 Concentrations, until Solar-Energy decreases lower temperatures resulting in cooling allowing the CO2 gas to return to the seas, where it originated.
  3. Historically, the current total CO2-Concentration of 400 ppm (parts-per-million) is Quite Low
    with respect to CO2-Concentrations during the very cold Ice Age which were over 4000+ ppm
    Ten-Times the current level!
  4. Likewise, High & Low CO2-concentrations were found during both very Warm & very Cold periods – Establishing that Carbon Dioxide concentration levels are Irrelevant to Climate Change. Our Sun and Natural Solar Cycles are the main driver of Climate Change.
  5. While the Global Warming Alarmists (GWA) demonize CO2 as a Pollutant and as a Molecule that must be eliminated and sequestered, the GWA have posed an irrational argument, since:
    1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is essential to all life on earth since all plant life combines it with light and water to nourish themselves with Glucose (C6H12O6) and emit the Oxygen that all animal-life on Earth, including Humans, must breath.   You and I exhale about 4% CO2 with every breath.
    2. CO2 Concentrations up to around 10,000 ppm are safe (25-times the current CO2 concentration) for humans to live and work.
    3. OSHA Standards of 5,000 ppm are a bit more conservative, recommending that CO2-concentrations not exceed this level for an 8-hour work day (12.5-times the current CO2 concentration).
    4. Such High-Levels of CO2-concentrations can occur naturally, but are often artificially created for agricultural applications to increase crop quality and yields, in submarines, space capsules and other special environments.

Now that it has been scientifically proven that CO2 as well as the Element Carbon is not our enemy and does not require sequestration, there is no need to curtail the use of fossil fuels as long as Air Quality standards are enacted and maintained to prevent unwarranted Air Pollution.

  • In the USA we have made much progress with regard to automobile and industrial Air Quality Controls Controls that no longer need to be concerned with CO2 emissions since high or low levels of Carbon Dioxide do not cause warming and climate change; plus, higher CO2-levels are good for Plants and, in turn, Animals and humans that require Oxygen (O2) to breathe.
  • Carbon is the most-flexible element that recombines to form a vast number of useful compounds with nearly 10-Million compounds described to-date which is still a fraction of the possible future compounds including: Diamonds, Graphite Pencils, lightweight Composite Materials for aircraft and other vehicles, Nanotubes, Buckeyballs, Lubricants and even the Graphene in Tennis Racquets.
  • The element Carbon (C) is the 4th most-common element in the universe and the 15th most-common element in our Earth’s crust; plus, the element Carbon is also essential to life on Earth.

To get the straight story on this subject from honest and accomplished climate scientists that are formerly with NASA and respected professors from major universities that have actually analyzed the many Ice Core Samples, developed the global temperature satellite measuring systems, conducted polar ice and other research be sure to watch this amazing and true video below:

Once you have seen this video, you now have the necessary facts to counter the liberal Political Correctness attacks calling you a “Skeptic” or “Denier” when they have no proof, only invalid climate models based on a false Premise that Man-Made CO2 is a huge quantity and causing unlimited warming – They will have no idea that Water Vapor (H2O) is the primary Greenhouse Gas and Man-Made CO2 is an Extremely Trace quantity that does not significantly affect warming, much less the Naturally Balanced Climate of our very Large World & its Vast Oceans! Our Sun is a Million times the volume of our Earth keeping us in orbit and it controls our climate!

There is NO CLIMATE CRISIS and Man has no way to Control our Sun and our Climate – Don’t waste any taxpayer money on it, simply adapt as we have ably done before – Not to Global Warming, but to the Global Cooling ahead.


Byron Claghorn

Byron Claghorn is an experienced Business Analyst, Project Manager and Technical Writer. With a keen interest in science, the Global Warming and Man-Made Climate Change claims did not ‘Ring True’, so he has focused much time and effort in its research and reporting in this series of articles: “Man-Made Climate Change? – The Science on the Other Side of the Coin”. As a result of trying to ‘Connect the Dots’ in this highly politicized subject of “Climate Change”, this series will both inform as well as provide an example of how you can verify these facts, plus empower you to continue to question and ‘Connect your own Dots’ on this subject.

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