Proof John McCain is a RINO: Joe Biden tells him “Thank God You’re Here. I’m So Glad You Ran Again!”

On Tuesday Vice President Joe Biden swore in 34 Senators to open the 115th Congress.

The swearing in was the last real “job” left for Biden to perform before the Obama era ends in less than 3 weeks.

The mostly ceremonial proceedings went off as it usually does, but there was one important moment that spoke to the greatest fears and beliefs of many conservatives. The moment took place when Biden swore Senator John McCain (R-AZ) into office, as the two men briefly met for a photo-op Biden could be heard thanking McCain for running for office again. “Thank God you’re here,” Biden told McCain. “I’m so glad you ran again.”

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How good of a conservative can John McCain be if Joe Biden is breathing a sigh of relief that he’s back in the Senate?

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