Proof that Hillary Clinton is a Racist Xenophobe!

There is a video making the rounds on the Internet that offers documented proof that Hillary Clinton hates people from Mexico and that she is a racist xenophobe. At least, it would prove these things, if liberals were right about what passes for racism and hate these days. And they’re not.

The left is constantly berating Republicans for being anti-immigrant, racist, and xenophobic. They make these claims based solely on our ideas about illegal immigration and border security. Interestingly, today’s Republican positions on these issues sound a lot like yesterday’s Democrat positions… and yet no one was calling Democrats these names when they were staking out their positions in the past.

No, the truth is that Donald Trump and the GOP are NOT anti-immigrant, NOT racist, and NOT xenophobic. However, the current liberal policies on immigration and border security are indefensible… so instead of arguing facts, liberals turn to name calling and ad hominem attacks.

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Well, don’t fall for it. Watch the video and see the truth for yourself. There is nothing xenophobic or racist about Republican ideas on immigration, because they weren’t xenophobic or racist when Democrats agreed.

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