More Proof that Donald Trump is Right about Sweden

The idyllic Scandinavian nation of Sweden has become the frontlines in the rhetorical battle over the cost/benefits of mass migration in recent days. After President Trump’s Florida speech, in which he mentioned the growing problem of migrants crime in Sweden, the left was quick to attack his commentary. From there, dueling narratives have developed. On the left, the argument is that crime in Sweden is not the problem that conservative media claims; on the right, the argument is that mass migration has led to a major rise in violent crime and crimes of a sexual nature.

Both sides use statistics and data to support their claims, and both sides claim that their opponents are twisting the facts. Instead of wading into these waters and being swallowed by the ongoing debate over data, why don’t we just look at what has taken place in Sweden since the President’s speech?

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Breitbart News has a list of 10 separate incidents that have taken place in Sweden in the ten days since Trump’s speech that seem to support the President’s argument.

The first “event” were the riots that took place in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby.

Less than 48 hours after Trump gave his speech, the infamous migrant-populated No Go neighbourhood of Rinkeby was engulfed in violence when several cars were set on fire, shops were looted, and others attacked after police arrested a man in the area. A group of 30 young men also attacked police, who were pelted with rocks and stones; and officers had to retreat to a nearby petrol station to escape the violence.

The second “event” took place during the Rinkeby riots when a left-wing reporter was attacked and robbed while trying to cover the rioting.

During the Rinkeby riots, left wing major Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter sent one of their photographers to take pictures and cover the looting and destruction. He arrived on the scene around 10 pm and was approached by several men who beat him and stole his camera. After escaping and calling the police, authorities told him he would have to make it to a hospital on his own because the area was too dangerous for them.

Events three, four, and five all involve hand grenades and chaos in the cities of Malmo and Stockholm. While no one has been killed with the grenade attacks yet, the fear being stirred up with these incidents has been debilitating for these Swedish communities. Over the last year Sweden has seen a terrifying jump in incidents involving hand grenades, and they almost always involve the migrant community.

See the rest of the “events” listed by Breitbart at their website.

There’s more though. After Breitbart’s list was published, an 11th incident was reported on by the Daily Mail. This story involves American journalist Tim Pool who is currently on location in Rinkeby, Sweden:

An American journalist documented the moment he claims he was given a police escort to leave a predominantly migrant suburb of Stockholm after he and his camerawoman were followed by masked men.

Tim Pool and his colleague Emily Molli were in the ‘no-go zone’ of Rinkeby, Sweden, when police told them to leave after they began to be followed by people who apparently objected to them filming on Wednesday…

‘Several men started masking up and following us. Police told us to leave and had to escort us to our car,’ he wrote in a Twitter post on Wednesday.

Molli reiterated Pool’s thoughts in her own Twitter posts on Wednesday.

‘Wasn’t expecting such a quick reaction of masking up as soon as we got to the Rinkeby center. Camera was down at my side most of the time,’ Molli wrote. ‘we asked an officer if he thought we could get an interview from a local, he advised it would probably start trouble.’

(The Swedish police are disputing Pool’s account of what happened.)

Clearly, something is happening in Sweden, even if the media and the folks on the left want to pretend that everything is business as usual.

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