Promise Kept: Trump Shuts Down Bad Democrat DACA Deal

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Some conservatives worried that the President was wavering when he signaled to the left that he’d be willing to grant amnesty to 800,000+ illegal DREAMers. However, the Democrats and their partners on the leftwing of the GOP, could not get out of their own way to present a deal worth signing.

All it would have taken for the Democrats to get amnesty for the DREAMers would have been a guarantee to shift more money to border defense and to the building of President Trump’s wall.

The reality is that the Democrats don’t really care all that much about the illegal immigrants, they just want to make sure they can win some political points. So instead of giving Trump his wall and getting amnesty for those DREAMers… the Democrats refused to budge on the wall and sent a deal to President Trump that compromised NOTHING.

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It was a Democrat bill and it had nothing for the Republicans to support as a party, and so the President announced that he would not sign it.

From Reuters:

President Donald Trump on Wednesday aligned himself solidly with conservative Republicans on immigration, criticizing a proposed bipartisan deal as “horrible” on U.S. border security and “very, very weak” on reforms for the legal immigration system.

The Senate proposal – aimed at addressing Democrats’ demands for protections for young adults brought to the United States illegally as children and dubbed “Dreamers” – fell far short of what most Republicans believe needs to happen, the president said.

“It’s the opposite of what I campaigned for,” Trump told Reuters in an interview.

The President then took to Twitter to reinforce his decision to stand against the Democrat bill and to chastise the Democrats for being willing to shut down the government in their efforts to put illegal immigrants before American citizens.

It was touch and go there for a while, but it’s nice to see President Trump deciding to stand his ground against a bad Democrat bill.

There is reason to empathize and sympathize with the DREAMers, who were brought here illegally by their parents, but we cannot sacrifice our national security for the sake of just 800,000 non-citizens. The President has 315 MILLION citizens who rely on him to put them first and to put the safety and security of our nation first. The Democrats may not care about the dangers of an open border, particularly when that nation is as lawless as Mexico is today, but the GOP still cares and more importantly, the President cares.

He proved it today.

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