Noam Chomsky

Prominent Leftist Talking Head Claims Trump Could Use False Flag Attack to Gain Support


There are few things in this nation more cowardly than leftists who attempt to pin future tragedies on their political enemies.

This sort of crystal ball cacophony of those in opposition to President Donald Trump are speaking up loudly, brashly, and downright irresponsibly in recent weeks, claiming that the businessman turned politician will cause any number of terrible things to occur.  Some have predicted World War III, others, a massive financial collapse.

Fortunately, while these tasteless buffoons continue to spew forth their ridiculous rhetoric, President Trump has been succeeding in a great many of his patriotic missives.  One such liberal lunatic is infamous yet asinine academic, Noam Chomsky, who has decided it prudent to preemptively link Donald Trump to a future terror attack.  Worse yet, Chomsky is claiming that the yet-to-occur terror attack in question could very well be one orchestrated by the President himself.

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“Speaking with left-wing website AlterNet, Chomsky suggested that Trump could organise a false-flag incident to rally supporters who are discovering that his ‘promises are built on sand’.

“’We shouldn’t put aside the possibility that there would be some kind of staged or alleged terrorist act, which can change the country instantly.’ Chomsky stated.”

Chomsky’s bizarrely direct assertion that the President would be willing to harm or kill innocent Americans to simply gain popularity is a cheap shot at Trump, who many in democratic and progressive circles believed would fail miserably.  Now that they are getting a taste of the hard work and forward progress that will come to embody the Trump White House, these angry liberals are lashing out with absurd claims such as Chomsky’s.

What’s worse about Chomsky’s assumption is that it’s lazy gambling and nothing more.  If Noam puts this notion out into the world, it can either become true via a horrific terror attack, or it won’t.  If we were to find ourselves the victims of an attack, Chomsky and his cronies would immediately enact a campaign to label the attack as a “false flag”, further demonizing a President who has done nothing but face leftist adversity in his first few months of office.

Now, if Chomsky is wrong, and Donald Trump completes his term, or terms, in office without any sort of terrorist incident that the left can attempt to pin on him, then no one will recall these absurd words being disseminated by the liberal agitator and his band of maniacs.  This insane tirade in which Chomsky accuses a sitting President of plotting a terror attack on his own people will disappear into the ether of time, exonerating Chomsky by default.

And there are more dangerous thoughts from Chomsky as well.

“The professor also hinted that such a staged attack could be blamed on ‘vulnerable people’ in order to bolster Trump policies.

“’Maybe scapegoating, saying, “Well, I’m sorry, I can’t bring your jobs back because these bad people are preventing it.” And the typical scapegoating goes to vulnerable people, immigrants, terrorists, Muslims and elitists, whoever it may be.’ Chomsky added.”

So now, the left has already established the idea that Trump will fail and then blame it on someone.  The irony here is that the President has been working his nose to grindstone to implement a necessary, temporary travel ban to keep our nation safe, only to be stymied by the likes of Chomsky himself.


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