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Progressive Pope Francis Enters Gun Debate, Immediately Calls For…

From the very beginning of his shift as the High Pontiff, Pope Francis has been aligning himself far more liberally than previous Popes, and it has created a dynamic that has the globe a bit uneasy.

At times, Pope Francis has turned away from the usual papal behaviors of forgiveness, kindness, caring, and faith, instead finding new ways to pick fights with U.S. President Donald Trump on a number of policy positions.  This newly political Pope, of course, stands with the American democrats almost exclusively.  His views on abortion, gay marriage, and global warming are particularly strong, with the high pontiff even going so far as to attempt to embarrass Donald Trump upon their meeting by gifting the U.S. President a copy of a letter that Francis himself had written on the subject.

Donald Trump was given a gift during his meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican: a papal letter detailing why the world should fight against climate change.

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Pope Francis issued the encyclical in 2015, just months before nearly 200 countries signed the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.

The agreement is considered a large part of President Obama’s legacy, particularly his work on environmental issues like establishing a protected national park in Hawaii and passing legislation on clean energy.

The US is one of the largest emitters of carbon in the world and so its role is crucial to the success of the agreement along with China and India, also large carbon emitters.

Now, the Pope is poking his nose into another debate in America, and his sentiments are unsurprisingly liberal.

On Sunday, the head of the Roman Catholic Church proposed banning all weapons so that the world could live in peace without “fear of war.”

Pope Francis tweeted: “Do we really want peace? Then let’s ban all weapons so we don’t have to live in fear of war.”

Francis’ tweet was met with harsh criticism and mockery on social media, as many pointed out numerous problems with the overly general and idealistic assertion. How exactly do you convince all nations, including those so committed to violence, like Iran, that they sponsor terrorism to disarm? Would his ban of “all weapons” include non-military weapons? What qualifies as a weapon? Knives, like London is now in the process of banning after its murder rate surpassed New York City’sdespite a gun ban? On the level of conflict between nations, a lot of today’s warfare is not fought using conventional military weapons but rather through economic and cyber means.

Is the Pope truly as ignorant as this tweet demonstrates, or have we caught the pontiff in a bit of public daydreaming?  In either case, we’re going to need Francis to tighten up a bit, do some research, and realize just how unbelievable his thoughts are on the subject of safety and sovereignty.

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