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Professor Pushes Students to Incapacitate Law Enforcement Vehicles

The “resistance” to Donald Trump’s presidency has turned violent, without a doubt, and our nation’s youth are being indoctrinated at an alarming rate.

Blame for such debauchery lies squarely within the hands of the radical left, who have spent the past 10 months attempting to delegitimize the highest office in the land, and defame the leader of the free world to an obscene degree.  In the eyes of these militant liberals, the office of the President no longer holds sway over them, at least according to their incessant social media posts.

Now, as the nation continues to allow this violent vitriol and combative chicanery to continue unabated, the radical left is seizing the opportunity to weaponize the malleable millennials that they rely on to maintain whatever semblance of power they currently hold.  This includes a concerted effort by academia to push their students in a very particular direction, directly into the path of Antifa and the like.

Their latest affront to a civilized society comes to us from Drexler University, where one professor is encouraging his students to harass Immigrations and Custom Enforcement through property damage and obstruction.

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“Controversial Drexel University professor, George Ciccariello, called on his far left supporters to slash the tires on ICE vans following President Trump’s DACA announcement on Tuesday.

“On Tuesday President Trump announced an end the Obama-era program that grants work permits to illegal immigrants who arrived in this country illegally with their lawbreaking parents or guardians.

“This week after President Trump’s DACA announcement Cirrariello called on his supporters to slash ICE van tires… but only three of the four tires because if you slash all four tires they can claim it on their insurance.”

Perhaps worse than Cirrariello’s insinuation that young people should risk their criminal records to annoy ICE agents, is the fact that Cirrariello is furthering the idea that political dissonance will make you popular on the internet.

A common theme among the radical left has been their scrupulous moral compass in these times of turmoil.  The true impetus of their actions seems not to be “social justice”, as they claim, but rather the karma-like theoretical internet points they earn with their peers by posting their exploits on social media.  Like many activities that 18-25 year old Americans engage in, these antics are simply an attempt to gain attention from their colleagues, heighten their social status, and appear more desirable to potential sexual partners.

In other words, the radical left is basically a social media urination competition or genital measurement contest.


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