Professor: Imagine a “Good World”… “A World Without Whiteness” [VIDEO]

One Portland Community College professor asked his students to imagine a “good world” – that is, a “world without whiteness.”

Citing lyrics from John Lennon’s song “Imagine,” Professor James Harrison – who happens to be black – offered his own interpretation of the song:

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“And my interpretation is that he is talking about, ‘Imagine everyone living together in peace,’ that would be, not necessarily a perfect world, but a good world,” Harrison said. “And how do we get to that good world is the question? A world without conflict. And to me, my interpretation of these words is it would be a world for the U.S. without whiteness, in terms of the power structure.”


“Can there be a world without whiteness, a world in which white privilege doesn’t exist?” Harrison continued. “My answer is yes, we can, because it’s happened before, and it all revolves around individuals taking small steps to dismantle and demolish the whole concept,” Harrison added before claiming that recent estimates indicate that white people will no longer occupy the U.S. majority by 2040 or 2050.

In February, Portland Community College designated April to be “Whiteness History Month.”

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What do they mean by “whiteness?” According to their website, it doesn’t refer to skin color, but an ideology:

“Whiteness is a socially and politically constructed behavior. It has a long history in European imperialism and epistemologies. Whiteness does not simply refer to skin color but an ideology based on beliefs, values, behaviors, habits and attitudes, which result in the unequal distribution of power and privilege based on skin color. Whiteness represents a position of power where the power holder defines social categories and reality—the master narrator.”

While Black History Month celebrates the accomplishments throughout history of those in the black community, Whiteness History Month will be used to “deconstruct whiteness” and expose the “white privilege” which they claim is inherent in our society today.

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