Professor Attacked for Defending “Old School” Values

In a recent episode of former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s new podcast, the host discusses an op-ed that appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer this past week.

The article was entitled “Paying the price for breakdown of the country’s bourgeois culture,” and it argued that if Americans returned to the values of our ancestors we could truly make America great again. The values championed in the op-ed don’t seem all that controversial; hard work, self-discipline, personal responsibility, and living a traditionally moral life. Sadly, while they might not seem controversial to most Americans, they’ve apparently become controversial to many on the left. The authors are now being attacked as regressive, racist, and sexist.

O’Reilly discusses the insanity of attacking hard work and self-discipline and wonders what has happened to our culture that we are now tearing down the very values that brought us prosperity.

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Transcript from RCP:

Now, I’ve told you this story the last two days. It is very, very compelling story and something I’ve been pounding on the table for 15 years. How individual Americans have to behave to succeed.

So, the University of Pennsylvania, which is an Ivy League school, a professor there named Amy Wax wrote an op-ed in The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper with a man named Larry Alexander, who teaches law at the University of San Diego. Two of them wrote it.

Basically, the op-ed said that young Americans will succeed if they live by quote unquote “bourgeois values.” That is hard work, self-discipline, waiting until marriage to have children, and obeying traditional tenets. Be honest. All of that. Defer divorce until the kids are older. All of that comes into their op-ed.

Now, Professor Alexander at San Diego, he didn’t take a lot of heat. But Amy Wax at UPenn is getting hammered by graduate employees and other teachers. They blasted her as being quote unquote “hateful and regressive” for writing this op-ed.

Now, the grievance industry in America, and you know people like this, they don’t have to be people of color, they can be white people, who are looking for grievance to be offended every single day, who blame their life circumstance on others. “Oh, I don’t get a fair shot. Oh, this, that, and the other thing.”

This industry, the grievance industry, has now overwhelmed this country. There are legitimate grievances. There are. We are not a perfect place. But if you’re going to tell a child that it’s society’s fault that he’s doing badly in school, if you’re going to have children and you don’t pay attention to them, if you’re a father and you abandon them, the structure of our society collapses. And in the hyper competitive capitalistic world in which we live, you can’t compete.

I said it yesterday, if you’re covered with tattoos, if you can’t speak the English language, if you can’t write a sentence, how are you going to earn a good living? How?

If you have no discipline in your life, if you smoke pot every day, if you drink a quart of gin every day, how are you going to do it? When jobs that were plentiful 30 years ago like assembly line things like that, they’re gone. You got to know how to do something.

Now, if you’re a plumber you can make 100k, if you can paint houses you can make good money. All right, if you can do something that Americans need, you’ll prosper. And you don’t have to be Socrates.

But if you are a ne’er do well, if you have no education and don’t care about it, if you have no parental guidance, if your school stinks and they don’t care about you at all and they promote you just to get you the hell out of there, you’re going to fail. And you’re going to have a terrible life.

That’s what this was about.

Telling the truth to younger Americans, that there are things you have to do.

And the media won’t tell you that, the PC people won’t tell you that. And then if I write it, the grievance industry attacks me.

How many times have I been called a racist because I call for African-Americans or Hispanic Americans or whatever group to seize control of your own neighborhoods, to get the bad guys out, to cooperate with the police, to go down and tell your school board, “hey this isn’t working, this school, you’ve got to have discipline in this school?” I say that, I’m a racist. 🇺🇸

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