Pro-Trump Latinos and Blacks BLAST Liberal Sanctuary City Politicians

I don’t think that the liberal city council in the town of Cudahy, California was expecting to bear the brunt of Pro-Trump support in a recent council meeting, but that’s exactly what happened. While the national media has focused on the GOP Town Hall meetings that have been flooded by liberal activists, they seem to be avoiding the local meetings where pro-Trump fervor is reaching a fever-pitch.

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At a recent town hall in Cudahy, several minority residents stood to speak out against the decision by city officials to become a “sanctuary city.”

Their words were filled with power as they explained how illegal immigration was destroying the poor, minority communities in which they lived.

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First a Latino Trump supporter stood to deliver a stern warning to the California politicians:

“I’m a hardcore American patriot and a hardcore President Trump supporter. I grew up in the hood and the barrio and it’s a shame that you guys take care of illegal immigrants more than you guys take care of the little homies that were born here, like myself…

I voted for our president, Mr. Trump, and I stand right behind him. You guys better get your act together because, you know what, I might take your place. We got people that are running for office, and you guys think you are safe. Guess what? We are a movement. We are growing….

We have a new president, we have a new administration and they are not playing around. And we’re not playing around. America first! America Primero!”

Then a black woman who owns a string of businesses spoke out against illegal immigration and the “racist” sanctuary city policies.

“Sanctuary cities are racist. The black communities alone have been destroyed by illegal immigration…

You’re not going to be allowed to get away with this. Your time is about to be up…

Thank God for Trump. Thank God for Jeff Sessions. And you should be ashamed of yourselves. How dare you?!”

Cheers erupted from the crowd as she concluded her epic condemnation of the Cudahy city officials.

As more minority Americans wake up to the damage being done to their communities by these terrible liberal policies, we’ll see more of them crying out for justice. When minority Americans demand that liberals be held accountable, we’ll see a real sea change in American politics. We need more brave men and women to denounce the evil that Democrats are welcoming into our borders, and we need them now.


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