Pro-Life Demonstrator Attacked Outside of Oregon Planned Parenthood

A Christian, pro-life demonstrator was recently assaulted outside of a Planned Parenthood facility in Ashland, Oregon.

While he was speaking, an angry women attacked him and smeared the poor man’s face with a blood soaked feminine napkin. The police were called, but there is no word yet as to how the situation played out.

Here is another video from the same day and featuring a different assault from another abortion supporter.

Our opponents are angry, folks.

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In the wake of President Trump’s defense of life, and as more polls continue to show that the majority of American support setting severe limits on abortion, abortion defenders will grow ever more violent and ever more aggressive. For us this is a matter of life and death, so we stand up and speak out even as our opponents attack us with rhetoric and violence. However, for the abortion advocate, our position is an attack on their worldview and personal life philosophies. As such, they will never surrender, they will never withdraw, they will continue to press their position.

Science has already proven that the last 30 years of abortion defense has been wrong, and yet, the anti-science left continues to ignore the truth and defend the murder of children.

Pro-life America, you need to prepare for more incidents of ugly violence like this… they’re coming.

Here’s Proof:

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