Principal Attacked for Doing His Job

We can all see the decline in the compassion and control of our youth. American teenagers are becoming angrier and more aggressive. They are more violent that those who come before them, and less concerned about consequences. So, what is the reason?

Many point to the absence of fathers in the home. Split families or absentee dads are taking their toll on the attitudes and direction of their sons. The damage can be seen in the constant violence in schools and the violent reaction to things that should not elicit so much of an angry response.

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This might be what lies behind an event in New York City.

Fox Reports:

The principal at a lower Manhattan high school was beaten to a pulp by a student on Monday when he told the teen to remove his headphones, sources said.

Principal Matthew Tossman of Manhattan Early College School for Advertising, which is in inside Murry Bergtraum HS, spotted 18-year-old Luis Penzo with his headphones blasting in the hallway around noon, according to police sources.

Tossman asked Penzo to turn down the music, and Penzo refused. Then, when Tossman tried to remove the headphones, the 18-year-old student cold-cocked the principal.

Penzo continued to pounce on Tossman, socking him several times in the face, causing swelling and lacerations around both of the principal’s eyes.

Not to blame the victim, but is this not one of the products of the school that this principle works for? Over sixty years ago, professor, writer, and apologist C.S. Lewis warned that this sort of thing was in the future of Western Civilization.

Lewis stated that his generation was raising up “chestless men.” These men are taught that they have responsibilities. They are told that they have duties. Their duties are to do good and no harm. But they are never given a source or reason for these goods. It is just something that they are required to do.

Lewis warned that this lack of heart reason for duty and good would eventually lead to men who would not do their duty. Why should they, they will ask. And because no one ever gave their teacher any, he will have no response.

This is the real source of these young men’s anger.

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