Primary Rigging Story Goes Mainstream as Dems Line Up to Spill Guts

The mainstream media pundits are now in the throes of despair as their golden child Hillary Clinton’s campaign team has been outed for collusion in the DNC primaries…by other democrats.

Hillary Clinton has long been seen as a corrupt and frankly evil politician in American government.  The former Secretary of State has long held a penchant for refusing to play by the rules and outwardly flaunting her invincibility at the drop of a hat.  When accused of using a private email server to store classified government emails, Clinton simply shrugged it off, uttering a virtual “what are you going to do about it?” with her body language.

Then, during the tumultuous election of 2016, more scandals emerged that painted Clinton as the “Crooked Hillary” character that Donald Trump was so fond of referring to.

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Clinton was found to have been cheating during the debates with Trump by gleaning advance notice of the questions to be asked, thanks to a connection between DNC mucky-muck Donna Brazile and CNN.  Furthermore, rumors began to swirl regarding Clinton’s own rigging of the primaries in order to defeat Bernie Sanders – a candidate that was seen as far more worthy an opponent for now-President Trump.

This week, those latter rumors became reality as Donna Brazile admitted to Team Clinton’s takeover of the supposedly impartial DNC during the primary process.  Given Brazile’s involvement in previous Clinton scandals, this assertion was to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Now, however, Elizabeth Warren is chiming in to reiterate the accusations and further bury Hillary under a pile of democratic insurgence.

“US President Donald Trump has called for an investigation after a Hillary Clinton supporter said the Democratic party ‘rigged’ its primary for her.

“CNN asked Senator Elizabeth Warren if Mrs Clinton’s contest against Democratic rival Bernie Sanders was rigged, and she said: ‘Yes.’

“Another Democratic official writes in a new book about the party’s ‘unethical’ agreement with the Clinton campaign.

“President Trump said the American public ‘deserves’ an inquiry.

“Ms Warren, a progressive senator from Massachusetts who campaigned for Mrs Clinton, was reacting to allegations by former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman Donna Brazile.

“Ms Brazile writes in a new book that the cash-starved DNC signed a joint fundraising agreement with the Clinton campaign in August 2015, four months after the former secretary of state launched her candidacy.

“Ms Brazile writes that Mrs Clinton’s ‘campaign had the DNC on life support, giving it money every month to meet its basic expenses’.”

This horrific collusion is becoming clearer by the day, with members of both parties displaying shock and anger over this perversion of the American political system.

While Clinton was likely expected to cheat in some fashion given her long history of corruption, this incredibly immoral plan to subvert the will of the American people, (democrats or not, we will say begrudgingly), is startling to say the least.  Now, as President Trump implores the Department of Justice to begin an investigation into Clinton’s antics, our nation could be in for some extremely turbulent times.


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