Priest Rightly Argues that Pro-Abortion Leaders are Worse than Mafia Bosses

A Catholic priest in Italy is facing criticism for rightly pointing out that pro-abortion leaders are as vile, murderous, and criminal as leaders of the infamous Italian mafia are.

Father Francesco Pieri, of Bologna, Italy, recently argued that there was no moral difference between a famous Italian abortion advocate, Emma Bonino, and the equally infamous mafia boss Totò Riina.

From Il Resto del Carlinoby way of , LifeNews:

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The Bologna priest was quoted by local paper Il Resto del Carlino as saying: “Who has more innocent deaths on their conscience, Totò Riina or Emma Bonino?” referring to a mafia ‘boss of bosses’ who died last week and Bonino, a prominent campaigner for abortion rights.

He went on to say “morally, there’s no difference” between the two.

Riina, a mafia killer nicknamed ‘The Beast’ in reference to his cruelty, died of canceron Friday. He had been serving 26 life sentences for ordering an estimated 150 murders, including those of anti-mafia judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, and a 13-year-old boy.

Former Foreign Minister Emma Bonino is known for her campaigns to legalize divorce and support both religious and sexual freedom. She was jailed for three weeks in 1975 for protesting in favour of abortion rights, and promoted the referendum which led to the legalization of the medical procedure.

The priest is obviously facing some pretty intense pushback as left-leaning voices attack him for saying that advocating for abortion is morally as evil as being a mafia boss.

Here’s the problem… the priest isn’t wrong.

If pro-lifers are right, and abortion is the murder of society’s most innocent citizens, then the abortion advocate is as bad as any mafia hitman, leg-breaker, or capo.

Moreover, someone as influential and important as Emma Bonino faces even more intense scrutiny. If we pro-life advocates are right, then Bonino is to blame for exponentially more murders than Totò Riina is. In fact, Riina could never hope to soak his hands in the amount of blood that Bonino finds dripping from her fingers.

It’s a harsh truth that Father Pieri relates, but it’s a truth nonetheless. If we believe abortion is murder, then the people leading the fight are responsible for more murders than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined. Far more than 100 million deaths worldwide in just the last 40 or so years…

It’s time we spoke the truth as plainly as we can, because the world doesn’t seem to understand nuance.

Onan Coca

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