Priest Decides Against Nativity Scene For Muslim and Atheist Sake

The Bible is clear that we are to take others into consideration when making decisions. When we are setting out our plans or if we are to take action in one way or another, we are to put other’s interest before our own. But, I do not think that this applies to showing or representing our faith.

I do not like Nativity Scenes myself, as I believe that they are a breaking of the Second Commandment. With that said, I do agree with a priest’s decision to leave off the Nativity in his town this year. I am glad that there will be no Nativity, but the reason why troubles me.

Breitbart reports

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A priest in Italy has caused uproar after announcing there would be no Christmas nativity scene at the local cemetery this year because it could offend Muslims and atheists.

Fr Sante Braggiè said there would be no crib in the cemetery in the northern city of Cremona because it may anger people of others faiths or none whose relatives are buried there.

“A small corner of the cemetery is reserved for Muslim graves,” Fr Braggiè said. “A crib positioned within sight of them could be seen as a lack of respect for followers of other faiths, hurt the sensibilities of Muslims, as well as Indians and even atheists.”

The problem is this idea that the Muslim or atheist would be better served by not being reminded what Christians celebrate during the Christmas season. It is that these people are being considered over those who receive hope and encouragement by the display.

We in the West need to wake up to this type of compromise. If we do not, we will not have a culture left to save. If we give up our heritage and ways to make them feel welcome Islamic culture will win the day.

Remember, they came here because of the benefits our “Christian” culture has afforded us. If they do not want to look at a Nativity Scene because it hurts their sensibility, let them go back to their Muslim countries.

No fear of Nativity Scenes in Mosul right now.

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