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Prez Eviscerates Democrats Over Stupid and Stupendous Spending Bill

President Trump doesn’t have an easy job by any means, and even the most cynical of the delusional democrats will be forced to admit to this inalienable truth.

Surrounding himself with incredibly talented individuals, such as “Mad Dog” James Mattis, has been incredibly helpful to the President, but can only soften the daily democratic blows to a certain extent.  This is evidenced by the President’s willingness to keep a revolving door within the West Wing, making his inner circles a malleable and adaptation-friendly cabal of conservatives.

Now, as the President has been forced to stare down a 2,200 omnibus spending bill filled with the fattiest cuts of progressive pork imaginable, there is no denying that he is less than thrilled with the outcome of the situation.


And while the President made a fairly large stink about the bill, he still signed it.  To explain himself, Donald Trump held a news conference just minutes ago in which he laid out his reasoning, and took more than a few well-deserved swipes at the ineffective and obstructive democrats.

Trump, who was flanked on his right by the gargantuan stack of 2,200 pages that represented this affront to the American people, lamented several times during his 1pm news conference that lawmakers had no time to even read the legislation, let alone to debate it.  The President again reiterated his hope to reexamine the congressional filibuster rules that allow such hostage-taking maneuvers to take place.

donald Trump
Yes. That is the ACTUAL bill.

President Trump also hung the left out to dry on DACA, explaining that the republicans were more than willing to include the “dreamers” in this bill.  According to the President, the left instead chose to hold onto the DACA debate, presumably as future collateral against the President’s agenda.  Hopefully Trump’s reaming of the progressive inaction on DACA this go-round will lessen the effectiveness of the left’s immigrant hostage situation.

In the end, Trump was forced to sign this bill in order to fully fund the military and get a very-needed “down payment” on the border wall, which the Commander in Chief visited prototypes of in the California desert last week.

Lastly, the President made it very, very clear to America, in no uncertain words, that he would never sign a bill like this again.  This point seemed to be the most succinct of the gathering, with Trump taking extra care to convey that message not only strongly, but cogently and simply.

We will likely be inundated with the democratic response in the coming hours, as the left attempts to paint the President as a bully or some sort of “sore loser”.

When those rebuttals come, remember that these are the liberal Americans who deferred help on the “Dreamers” in order to keep their only counter-ammunition against President Trump – leaving thousands and thousands of would-be Americans out in the cold in order to stash away some political leverage.


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