Prestigious University: Is God A White Supremacist?

There is one thing that Left-leaning and humanist thinkers have in common, their thinking when it comes to race and religion. It is funny that they always fail to get things in the right order. They always are putting the cart before the horse.

This is clear when you begin to talk to them about Christianity. Almost always there is a mention of a racist god of the Bible. Or they will say that they cannot follow a “white” god. And indubitably I would have to agree with both of those sentiments. I deny the concept of race and God says He is invisible.

So it is funny that they wish to make white Europeans the creator of Jesus rather than Christ the molder of white European society. And they have classes taught by Muslims to indoctrinate the rest of the society.

Heat Street reports

Pennsylvania’s Swarthmore College is offering a religion class this semester titled, “Is God a White Supremacist?”

The course explores how religion represents race, with a particular focus on “the interpretive practices that are foundational to the process of ‘whiteness-making’ and the construction of white identity,” the spring 2017 catalog says.

Students will learn about “white supremacist ‘Christian identity’ churches,” the Nation of Islam, and “religious theories justifying racial domination,” as well as “the influence of religious thought both past and present on comparative global racisms and transnational whiteness,” according to the course description.

This notion comes from the understanding of religion that is particularly humanistic. You can identify this thinking as it assumes that all religions, but especially Christianity are thought up by the adherents of that religion.

This is why they claim that God is a “white” god. White people thought Him up, and that is why he has traits that correspond to white people. But, it is the very opposite which is true.

“White” Europeans were converted 1900 years ago. This conversion led to them believing and structuring their lives after the Bible. Rather than God being a white supremacist, white society was forged after the God of the Bible.

The truth is, as whites or anyone else immolates God, these humanists hate them and have to disparage their actions.

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