Kim Jong Un

Pressure Mounts to Have Kim Jong Un Removed From Realm of The Living

Beyond the incredibly unrealistic threats being spewed forth by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un lies a horrible reality regarding his tiny Asian nation.

Kim and his military have long held the role of international agitator and aggressor, working tirelessly to procure nuclear weapons capable of putting the DPRK dictator on a level playing field with the United States and her allies.  This is a goal that was first introduced by his ancestors within the Kim dynasty, who have vowed to destroy the entire U.S. on more than several occasions.  And while all of this talk about thermonuclear destruction is terrifying in its own right, there is much more at stake in North Korea than a simple atomic war.

Kim Jong Un and his family have held dominion over some of the most egregious human rights abuses in the history of mankind, leading a great many decent people around the world to call for his ouster.

In the 1990’s, North Korea was so focused on its military aggression that sanctions imposed on the regime caused millions to die during one of the worst famines in modern history.  The continued use of concentration camps within the nation is of grave concern as well, with horror stories of the abuses suffered by those incarcerated within trickling out to the world at large little by little.

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As if these horrific tales weren’t enough, the entire nation survives in a media bubble where only state-run news sources exist, and a government firewall has blocked all access to the world wide web preventing North Koreans from educating themselves on the world at large.

Now, amid mounting tensions between the U.S. and Kim, those who have escaped the rogue regime and lived to tell that tale have one message for the rest of the world:  Kim Jong Un doesn’t deserve to live.

“One escapee from North Korea believes the regime she left has no reason to exist, and that they should be removed from the world. Now living in the United States, Grace Jo tells Fox News, ‘It is time to take action.’

“Grace, a 26-year old college student at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland, escaped to America in 2008 with some members of her family, after having survived starvation and the brutal dictatorship of her home country.

“According to Grace, she and her family escaped three prior times, making it to China before they were caught and returned to North Korea.

“Fox News reports: ‘Her two younger brothers died of starvation and her father died from being tortured while in police custody for sneaking a bag of rice back from China. She says starvation was rampant while she was growing up, and that the family was occasionally given a bag of potatoes by the government.’

“‘She recalled her family living for ten days without any food, surviving only on water. That’s when her mother found six baby mice in a field and her grandmother made soup out of them in order to feed the family.'”

Grace’s tales are mundane compared to some gruesome stories that have been circulated by refugees and defectors from the hermit kingdom.

If Kim Jong Un continues to wildly threaten the United States with nuclear annihilation, Grace could soon get her wish.  Unfortunately, the options for removing Kim from power without triggering an all out assault on neighboring nations are scarce, and the process itself will be fraught with peril.

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