Presidential Debate #1: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda but Not Much has Changed

The question “Who won the debate?” between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will surely be what most political hounds will discuss over the next few days.  Ardent Trump supporters will say he did, and the Clintonistas will say she did.

For full and fair disclosure, let me say from the outset that I am a Trump supporter.  So do I believe Trump won?  A fair question. But does it really make any difference what I believe?  I am one person — one vote.

What I will say is I believe Donald Trump missed a few excellent opportunities during the debate to hit home runs.

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For example, on the question of cyber-security.  As soon as Hillary finished her completely boring answer to that question, Mr. Trump should have chimed in and said something like “We would probably be more secure if our former Secretary of State didn’t have an illegal unsecured server in her basement with classified information on it!”

He also could have brought up the fact that in a speech to the American Legion on August 31 in Cincinnati, OH she threatened war with both Russia and China claiming they were responsible for hacking the DNC server and government emails this past summer.

Trump did note that Hillary keeps blaming Russia for the DNC hacking without a shred of reputable evidence to back it up.

But I felt he could have hammered this more.  Especially the fact she wants to start two wars with two nuclear super powers.

Another missed opportunity happened when she questioned Donald Trump’s honesty!  I believe it was during the exchanged relating to his tax returns.

Really?  Did she really say Trump was dishonest?  The audacity of Hillary Clinton!  In the history of American politics, this may be the quintessential example of the pot calling the kettle black.

But it may be worse than that.  Like her chant that Russia breached the DNC server, Hillary has no evidence that Donald Trump is dishonest, none what so ever.

Her logic goes something like this.  Trump won’t release his tax returns.  He must be hiding something.  He is dishonest.

Any first-semester logic student knows this is not a valid form of argumentation.  Hasty generalization?  Argument from Silence?  Absolutely!  It may be just what Trump said.  His attorneys have instructed him not to release his returns until the audit is over.

Over the years, I have heard attorney’s state the thing which troubles them the most is when a client doesn’t take their advice.

When asked about his tax returns, Trump should have stuck with “my attorneys have instructed me not to release my tax returns until the audit is over” and moved on.

But with Hillary, there is no guessing.  We have evidence and testimony that Hillary Clinton is dishonest.  FBI Director James Comey, one of her bought and paid for agents in the Justice Department, said so; and rather bluntly.

Lest you forget, Congressman Trey Gowdy got it on record (and video — See below) that numerous statements made by Hillary Clinton to the public were not true; meaning dishonest and therefore a lie!

That Mr. Trump let this go was unfortunate.  Her email scandal and the hundred of lies she told are the largest “bullseye” on Hillary Clinton’s forehead (This is a figure of speech and not meant to incite violence against Hillary.  You have to put a disclaimer in nowadays.)

I did like the fact that he challenged Hillary to release the 33,000 emails that were deleted and scrubbed by her and her staff and then, he would, apart from the advice of his attorney release his tax returns.  But it is really a moot point since the emails are gone.

In the final analysis, and when the dust of opinion settles, I doubt the debate will change anyone’s mind.

There were a few other points I could go over, but suffice to say, when asked who I believe won the debate, Trump could have delivered the one-two punch and knocked her out completely instead of the debate go to the score card!

(Again, this is a figure of speech.  I’m not advocating anyone to actually knock Hillary Clinton out.)

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