President Trump makes Surprise Announcement of New FBI Director Nomination

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President Trump surprised the nation on Wednesday morning when he announced his nominee to become the next Director of the FBI.

The surprise isn’t necessarily in the person he decided to nominate, it’s in the fact that there seems to be bipartisan approval of the nomination.

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Christopher Wray is a lawyer who worked in the Justice Department during the G.W. Bush administration and was famously in charge of running the government’s case against Enron. As such, he’s known as a “fair” man who can be counted on to do the “right” thing by people on both the right and the left.

For example, Matthew Miller was a spokesman for former Obama era Attorney General Eric Holder, and he likes the pick.

As does liberal Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT):

Norm Eisen is a liberal from the Brookings Institute and a former employee of the Obama administration and he’s already given his endorsement of the pick.

The only possible negative from the left is the fact that Wray was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s (R-NJ) lawyer during the Bridgegate affair, but Eisen has an answer for that too. Eisen argues that lawyers sometimes work for controversial clients, it’s what they do.

For his part, Governor Christie also likes the choice of Wray for the FBI. On Thursday Christie told reporters “I have the utmost confidence in Chris. He’s an outstanding lawyer. He has absolute integrity and honesty, and I think that the president certainly would not be making a mistake if he asked Chris Wray to be FBI director.”

It seems that just as he did with his nomination of Judge (now Justice) Neil Gorsuch, the President has chosen wisely and picked a man that is above reproach. Once again liberals are unable to find any fault with the credentials of a Trump nominee, which only makes you wonder, what route will they take in their efforts to attack and undermine the latest Trump nominee?

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