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President Trump Makes Emotional Statement on Passing of Aretha Franklin

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The world lost yet another of its greatest talents today as acclaimed singer Aretha Franklin has passed on.

The powerful voice that emanated from Franklin was something to behold, truly, as the singer can be seen commanding any room lucky enough to have felt her presence.  She more than held her own in the presence of the greats before her, and had carved a path of power directly from art form she chose.  Perhaps my fondest Franklin memory is her unforgettable performance in the comedy classic The Blues Brothers.

As expected, the nation, and the world at large, was saddened by the loss.  Social media was ablaze on Thursday with tributes to the late icon, including a very special and heartfelt note from the President himself.

Ivanka Trump also chimed in:

It wasn’t only political royalty that took a moment to acknowledge her passing either.

We here at Constitution send our sincere condolences to the friends and family that Aretha left behind after this private battle with cancer.

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