President Trump Holds Raucous Rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

President Trump seems to be getting an early start on his 2020 election campaign.

After enjoying another pair of big wins on Tuesday night, he traveled to Iowa to give a couple of speeches, one of which was during a big rally with some of his proudest supporters. CNN’s David Gergen would later call it a well-deserved “victory lap,” and that was indeed the mood of the event. President Trump proudly congratulated the newly elected Congressmen and then rebuked the liberal media that had been arguing that these votes (particularly the one in Georgia) were a referendum on President Trump himself. After the GOP sweep some in the media seemed to change their tune, arguing that the election wasn’t really that big a deal after all. However, President Trump was having none of it, he reminded the media and all of America that the GOP seems to be performing quite well under his leadership.

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I want to also extend our congratulations this evening to Karen Handel of Georgia.

And we can’t forget Ralph Norman in South Carolina. He called me and I called him…

He said, you know, last night I felt like the forgotten man. But he won, and he won really beautifully. Even though most people, a lot of people didn’t show up because they thought he was going to win by so much. It’s always dangerous to have those big leads. But he won very easily. And he is a terrific guy.

And I’ll tell you what, Karen is going to be really incredible. She’s going to be joining some wonderful people and doing some wonderful work including major, major tax cuts and health care and lots of things.

Going to be reducing crime and we’re securing that Second Amendment. I told you about that. And that looks like it’s in good shape with Judge Gorsuch. That looks like it’s in good shape.

I’d like to also take this moment to send our thoughts and prayers to our courageous friend, somebody that I’ve gotten to know very well, Steve Scalise, and everyone recovering from the assault.

It was at this point that some protesters disrupted the speech with their catcalls and booing, but the crowd drowned them out with chants of “USA. USA. USA.”

You can read the rest of the transcript here.

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