President Trump Holds a Listening Session with High School Students on Gun Violence

On Wednesday, the President sat down with a group of High School students to talk about guns and violence on our school campuses.

The media hung on every word of the session, searching for any mistake or problematic moment in the meeting.

In one segment of the conversation, the President brought up the idea of allowing teachers to be armed in the classroom.

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Your concept and your idea about school concealed carry — and it’s — it only works where you have people very adept at using firearms, of which you have many, and — who would be teachers and coaches — if the coach had a firearm in his locker, when he ran at this guy — that coach was very brave — saved a lot of lives, I suspect.

But, if he had a firearm, he wouldn’t have had to run. He would have shot, and that would have been the end of it. And this would only be, obviously, for people that are very adept at handling a gun. And it would be — it’s called concealed carry, where a teacher would have a concealed gun on them.

They’d go for special training, and they would be there, and you would no longer have a gun-free zone. “Gun-free zone,” to a maniac — because they’re all cowards — a gun-free zone is “Let’s go in and let’s attack, because bullets aren’t coming back at us.”

And if you — if you do this — and a lot of people are talking about it — it’s certainly a point that we’ll discuss — but concealed carry for teachers and for people of talent — of that type of talent — so let’s say you had 20 percent of your teaching force — because that’s pretty much the number — and you said it — an attack has lasted, on average, about three minutes.

It takes five to eight minutes for responders — for the police to come in. So the attack is over. If you had a teacher with — who was adept at firearms, they could very well end the attack very quickly.

And the good thing about a suggestion like that — and we’re going to be looking at it very strongly, and I think a lot of people are going to be opposed to it; I think a lot of people are going to like it.

But the good thing is that you’ll have a lot of people with that. You know, you can’t have 100 security guards in Stoneman Douglas. That’s a big school. It’s a massive school with a lot of acreage to cover, a lot of floor area.

And so that would be, certainly, a situation that is being discussed a lot by a lot of people. You’d have a lot of people that’d be armed, that’d be ready. They’re professionals. There may be Marines that left the Marines, left the Army, left the Air Force and they’re very adept at doing that. You’d have a lot of them, and they’d be spread evenly throughout the school.

Already, liberals are calling the idea of arming teachers “insane.”

CNN’s far-left legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was astonished upon hearing the President’s idea.

 “That is insane. That is an insane idea. Seriously? Did anybody go to school here? Does anybody remember their teachers? Do you think we should give all of them guns? Do you think they want guns?”

It’s Toobin who is insane. Millions of Americans carry concealed, without incident, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

To argue that our teachers are somehow less capable of safely carrying concealed than the average American is, is simply ridiculous.

In fact, public school teachers are one of the few professions who are forced by law to give up their 2nd Amendment rights if they want to work.

It’s time we end the insane practice of stripping our teachers of their Constitutional rights and offer our students more security by allowing their campuses to be defended by guns, instead of by signs saying “no guns.”

Onan Coca

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