President Trump Helps Bring Thousands of New Jobs but Media Focuses on Wiretaps

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This past week two of America’s most iconic companies – General Motors (GM) and Home Depot – both made BIG employment announcements that have many Americans seeing bright things in our future.

GM had laid of about 1000 workers at one of their factories in Lansing, Michigan, but this past week they announced that not only would they be bringing back 500 of those jobs, they also had plans to create some 400 new ones. The 900 new jobs are IN ADDITION to the 3,300 new jobs GM has already promised to create in the coming year. Which was already in addition to GM’s promise to hire 7,000 new workers and invest more than $1 BILLION here in the United States.

In Michigan, heart of the nation’s auto industry, GM said it plans to:

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•Add 220 jobs at Romulus Powertrain Plant: GM will add jobs to increase production of the 10-speed automatic transmission to be used in multiple GM products, including the current 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.
•Retain 180 jobs at Flint Assembly Plant: GM retained 180 jobs by redeploying workers from Lansing Delta Township to support production of the Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD pick-up trucks.
•Retain 500 jobs at Lansing Delta Township: GM has laid off 1,000 workers at this plant because it is making a transition from building three models to two models — the all-new Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave. During this transition, the plant will not operate a third shift. When the plant has fully launched the new crossovers by early 2018, GM will bring back about 500 jobs to give the company flexibility to meet market demand for the new crossovers.

President Donald Trump has been having ongoing negotiations with America’s biggest companies in an effort to encourage them to begin hiring more workers and spending more money on investment here in the U.S. He even met with a group of Auto executives and some of their employees at an event in Willow Run, Michigan earlier this week and the main topic of conversation was jobs and investments. The President has also put plans in motion to cut regulations on the auto industry so that the costs of doing business will continue to drop, making it easier and more likely for manufacturers to begin investing in the U.S.A.

Not only is GM hiring, Home Depot has announced a massive hiring blitz that makes GM look cautious.

You read that right. Home Depot will soon be adding 80,000 new employees to their payroll, and their chief competitor Lowe’s, will bring on some 45,000 new seasonal workers as well.

From Fox Business:

The Atlanta-based company said Thursday it is seeking seasonal workers for nearly 2,000 stores and 75 distribution centers. Positions are open in customer service, sales and Home Depot’s Merchandising Execution Team, which is responsible for setting merchandising displays and ensuring products are customer-ready…

Lowe’s (LOW) expects to hire more than 45,000 seasonal employees this spring. The retailer hired roughly the same number of people a year ago.

None of this may be directly attributed to President Trump, but there can be no doubt that his policies have helped to usher in the hiring explosion that we’ve seen over the last two months. Companies, investors, and entrepreneurs are all more confident today than they were just a few months ago and much of that is because of the President’s posture towards the business community. The Trump administration and their allies in Congress are talking tax cuts, regulation cuts, and spending cuts – all good things for the economy and the business community.

The Trump Boom is real my friends and it’s just getting started.

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