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President Trump Grants Unique Wish for 11 Year Old Boy

Certainly, the United States has its share of dire and dreaded debacles to face in the coming days, with threats from North Korea, the radical left, and turncoat Congressmen piling up.

Maybe that is why the story of what the President did for one young American is hitting home for many of us on this Friday.

It all began with a tweet aimed at the President – a fairly effective way of getting Mr. Trump’s attention.  Instead of some vitriolic manifesto scrawled out by a basement dwelling millennial leftist, or another angry liberal celebrity threatening to move out of the country, the President was presented with an offer from 11 year old Frank “FX” Giaccio.  Frank wanted the opportunity to mow the White House lawn.

While it was certainly an unorthodox wish, it was also a simple enough request to grant, and on August 2nd Frank had his day in the sun.  Speaking publicly about his experience, “FX” remained poised beyond his years, calling his time in Washington “really cool”.

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“FX described in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News the moment he realized President Trump was coming to greet him at the Trump International Hotel, where he and his father, Gregory Giaccio, chose to enjoy lunch after their historic visit and meeting with the commander-in-chief at the White House.

“’I saw him walking down the hall, and when he stopped a few steps short of the Oval Office and turned, I knew that he was coming for me,’ FX said. ‘It was actually really cool. Especially after he retweeted me.’

“Trump tweeted a video of FX shortly after they met in the White House Rose Garden:


“FX wrote to President Trump earlier this year, saying it would be an ‘honor [to] mow the White House lawn some weekend for you.’

“He found out that his wish to mow the Rose Garden lawn came true on his eleventh birthday, August 2.

“FX said that while he does not have any employees at the moment, he has a few clients. That number is likely to grow over the next few days.”

So while Washington may be mired in strange and sordid situations in these past few weeks, there is still time to reflect on some of the more heartwarming facets of our national identity.

Frank’s story acts as a great reminder about the American Dream:  Seek the opportunity to prove that your hard work is worthy, and you will be rewarded.

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