President Trump Grants Wish to Sick Girl during his Packed MidEast Trip

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As much as the media seems to enjoy reporting on the many comings and goings of President Donald Trump, it should come as a surprise when he puts his entire schedule on hold to meet with one little girl who holds no political power. Sadly, because the kindness of our President doesn’t fit the narrative that the media is attempting to peddle these days, they chose to ignore the important pause in his recent trip abroad.

But we’ve got the story for you, right here.

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During his short stay in Israel, President Trump slipped away from the political table long enough to meet with little Emilee Imbar. Emilee is 14-years old and has been battling cancer for the last seven years. Her dream was to meet and speak with the President of the United States, and so the folks at Rachashei Lev, Israel’s national support center for pediatric cancer patients, did their best to set the meeting up. With the help of one of their supporters, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, they were able to facilitate an opportunity for Emilee to meet with President Trump.

Despite his incredibly hectic schedule and many meetings, the President was happy to meet with Emilee to talk about life as the President of the United States,

President Trump chatted with Emilee, asking about her health and wellbeing, and relating to her a little bit about the immense responsibilities of being a President of the United States. Emilee blessed and thanked President Trump, and presented him with a letter she wrote expressing her desire to meet him again – this time in the White House, where she hoped to do business with him, and maybe even to bring peace to the world. President Trump was visibly moved by Emilee and wished her good health and a speedy recovery. It was a momentous day for all.


Emilee also gave the President a card she made for him which said that she hoped to meet with him again one day, in the White House.

Now, can anyone explain to me why the media hasn’t been covering this story? Wouldn’t a piece like this make a wonderfully heartwarming story for the national evening news? Could our American media be so anti-Trump that they’d refuse to run a beautiful story about the President taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with a little girl who was fighting cancer? It sure seems that way.


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