President Trump Fulfills Another Campaign Promise, Stripping Funds from Illegals and Giving them to Victims of Illegal Crime

President Trump continues to roll out his agenda and fulfill all of the promises that he made while on the campaign trail.

His most recent promise fulfilled came on Tuesday when the Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced that the administration was opening a new office in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The new office would be tasked with focusing on helping the victims (and the families of victims) of crimes committed by illegal aliens. The Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office (or VOICE) “will facilitate the engagement with victims and their families to ensure questions and concerns regarding immigration enforcement efforts are addressed,” Spicer told the media.

You can see his comments during his press conference from Tuesday morning.

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This morning Secretary Kelly and the Department of Homeland Security released memos regarding the implementation of two of the President’s executive orders that are designed to protect the homeland. These two memos provide explicit guidance to DHS staff on how to carry out two executive orders signed by the President on January 25th; One dealing with interior enforcement, and one dealing with border security. Perhaps most critically the President is empowering DHS to carry out the immigration laws currently on the books…

The memo regarding the executive order enhancing public safety in the interior of the United States outlines several practices and policies in order to strengthen the efficient and faithful execution of this countries immigration laws. That includes hiring more ICE agents and officers as well as additional mission support and legal staff necessary to support their activities.

This memo also directs the establishment of The Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office within ICE, fulfilling another major campaign promise of the President. This office will facilitate the engagement with victims and their families to ensure questions and concerns regarding immigration enforcement efforts are addressed.

While campaigning for President, Mr. Trump made the victims of illegal immigrant crime a centerpiece of his campaign. They were proof that the problems he was speaking about on the campaign trail were real.

Secretary Kelly’s memo creating the new “VOICE” office fulfills President Trump’s campaign promise to offer more aid to the victims of illegal immigrant crime. Secretary Kelly goes even further than just creating the VOICE office; he also announced that the administration would be stripping any federal funds being used to “advocate on behalf of illegal aliens” and instead use those funds to bolster the new VOICE office.

Illegal Immigration VOICE

Even as Congress continues to drag its feet, and the media continues to attack his work, President Trump continues confidently moving forward with his agenda by fulfilling the many promises he made on the campaign trail. It is any wonder that even under the constant strain of liberal attacks President Trump’s popularity continues to hold steady? Liberals can continue to whine and complain about Trump and his methods, but the simple truth is that the President is simply doing what he told voters he would do while he was running for office… and voters like politicians who do what they say they’ll do.

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