Michael Flynn

President Trump Explains the Real Scandal with the Flynn Resignation

There’s been a campaign to bring down the entire Trump administration ever since he won the election. Ordinarily, Americans move on with their lives every four years, even if their preferred presidential candidate loses. But not this time.

The campaign to totally destroy Trump and his administration isn’t going to stop. We all know how during Democrat presidencies, the media coddle and fawn over the administration and pretend as if there’s no scandal to report on. There are much more important topics to cover, such as favorite football teams.

But then during Republican presidencies, all of a sudden the media grow ‘principles’ and pretend to be righteously outraged at every instance of Republicans’ flouting ethics rules and political traditions.

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That’s pretty much the media’s disposition now, except magnified by about hundredfold.

Barely into Trump’s administration, General Michael Flynn has been the first political casualty in a war waged by someone or some group of disgruntled Obama administration left-overs. Or, it could be the intelligence community as a whole in collusion with the New York Times and Washington Post against the new White House.

According to the new occupant of the White House, that’s actually the ‘real scandal’ here – not some conversation that General Flynn had in December with the Russian ambassador. But the fact that the intelligence community is ‘anonymously’ leaking classified information to the press.

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Political commentator Charles Krauthammer characterized Flynn’s ‘scandal’ this way: “This is a coverup without a crime.”

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