President Trump Earns Rave Reviews from Texans, Media Remains Unimpressed

One thing is becoming very clear, President Trump will NEVER be able to do anything to please the media.

On Tuesday he travelled to Texas to offer his support, show his solidarity, and to promise the people of the Lonestar state that the rest of the nation stood with them.

Here’s what the President said to a group of First Responders who have been hard at work for days:

Thank you, everybody. I just want to say we love you. You are special. We’re here to take care. It’s going well. And I want to thank you for coming out. We’re going to get you back and operating immediately.

Thank you, everybody. What a crowd. What a turnout. 

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I want to thank our governor. Your governor has done a fantastic job. 

Governor Abbott, thank you very much.

He’s right here someplace. He’s right here.

So we just want to thank you, Governor.

Senator Cruz, Senator Cornyn — everybody. 

We want to thank the whole group. This has been a — a total cooperative effort.

Again, we will see you soon. I will tell you this is historic. It’s epic, what happened. But you know what? It happened in Texas and Texas can handle anything.

Thank you all, folks. Thank you. Thank you.

That line near the end, “It happened in Texas and Texas can handle anything,” has been making some major waves on the internet. It seems that many Texans very much appreciated the President’s sentiment, and the statement resonated with so many of the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

While the people in Texas may appreciate the President’s visit and his kind words, the media is having a much harder time dealing with how well the response to the disaster is going.

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro (who is a well-known Trump critic himself) found himself in awe at how biased the media was proving to be. On a recent episode of his radio show he marveled at the media’s decision to attack Trump for tweeting about the storm, instead of focusing on how well the government’s efforts at containing the situation, and handling the aftermath of the storm have been going.

While Shapiro agrees that Trump’s tweets aren’t great for morale, he also realizes that it’s a small thing for the media to be latching on to.

“This sort of wonderment from Trump is not good tactics or great politics. You don’t really want to spend a lot of time in the middle of a storm talking about ‘Wow! This is historic!’ You should be theoretically projecting a sense of calm, not saying ‘Wow! Look at that rain!

But that has really been the only criticism of Trump, which demonstrates that he is actually doing a pretty good job with this, he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Can you imagine if Trump were doing a bad job? Remember Hurricane Katrina? It wasn’t even the federal government’s responsibility, and they responded in a relatively prompt fashion… and they blamed Bush for it.

Can you imagine if things went wrong in Texas and Trump was to blame? It would be insane. The media would never stop, they would never stop. But Trump hasn’t done a bad job with this because he allowed his administrators to do what they had to do… and the federal government is doing what it is supposed to do here.”

Shapiro is right and we have proof.

On CNN, Trump-hater Jim Acosta attacked the President’s speech saying that all Trump cared about was the “size of the crowd.” It’s a ridiculous sentiment, and as the Gateway Pundit points out, Trump was there helping during the flooding in Louisiana last year, while President Obama was busy playing golf.

On CBS, the hosts of CBS This Morning openly wondered if it was “too soon” for the President to visit. After their guest, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) demurred when first asked the question (he said, “I don’t know”), they came back to the question and asked again. This time Sanders took the low hanging fruit and knocked the President for doing what he’s supposed to do. Sanders said it “probably” was too early, but that we should focus on other things.

Seriously, things must be going great for the Trump team if all the media can seem to attack him for is showing up too early, calling the size of a crowd “great,” or tweeting that the Hurricane was causing a lot of rain. These are not “bad” things, folks.

The media needs to face facts – the Trump administration is handling the Hurricane Harvey event pretty well.

You can see more of Trump in Texas below:

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