President Trump to Decertify Iran Deal Today – Here’s What it Will Look Like

In just a few hours (tentatively scheduled for 12:30p) President Trump will give a speech about Iran.

Rather than focus solely on the JCPOA Iran deal, the President will present a comprehensive strategy about how the United States will deal with the rogue nation and best protect the American people. The White House has provided an overview of the strategy which I’ve laid out and added context below.  When the President addresses the nation later today, he will not only discuss the objectives and the strategies reflected below but will add some of the tactical elements he will propose to reach those objectives. And while not yet mentioned by the White House strategy piece, it is still expected that part of his address will include his decision not to certify the Iran deal.

According to the White House, this new Iran strategy was developed in consultation with the national security team who received input and deliberated with members of Congress and our key allies.

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The key elements of the strategy:

  • It focuses on neutralizing the Government of Iran’s destabilizing influence and constraining its aggression, particularly its support for terrorism and militants.
  • The US will revitalize our traditional alliances and regional partnerships as bulwarks against Iranian subversion and restore a more stable balance of power in the region.
  • America will work to deny the Iranian regime – and especially the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) – funding for its malign activities, and oppose IRGC activities that extort the wealth of the Iranian people.
  • We will counter threats to the United States and our allies from ballistic missiles and other asymmetric weapons.
  • America rally the international community to condemn the IRGC’s gross violations of human rights and its unjust detention of American citizens and other foreigners on specious charges.
  • Most importantly, we will deny the Iranian regime all paths to a nuclear weapon.

This strategy was developed after a full analysis of the present Iranian situation, how it got there,  where it sees itself in the world, and how it tries to achieve its goals.

Make no mistake about it, this is Ali Khamenei’s regime which he developed based on his image of what Iran should be. Khamenei’s been Iran’s Supreme Leader for twenty-eight years and before that, he held the office of President for 8 years. During the past thirty-six years, Khamenei and the IRGC have pursued a steady policy of spreading their revolutionary ideology aimed at undermining the international system and many states by force and subversion. Khamenei’s main enemy and rallying point has been and continues to be the United States of America— the Great Satan.

Khamenei’s methodology includes exporting violence, destabilizing its neighbors, and sponsoring terrorism abroad. Internally, under Khamenei’s iron-fisted rule the Iranian government has oppressed its people, abusing their rights, restricting their access to the internet and the outside world, rigging elections, shooting student protesters in the street, and imprisoning political reformers like Mir Hussein

Internally, under Khamenei’s despotic iron-fisted rule the Iranian government has oppressed its people, abused their rights, restricted their access to the internet and the outside world, rigged elections, shot student protesters in the street, and imprisoned political reformers like Mir Hussein Musavi and Mehdi Karroubi.

This Iranian regime and the IRGC, in particular, poses one of the most dangerous threats to the interests of the United States and to regional stability. It’s taken advantage of regional conflicts and instability to aggressively expand its regional influence and threaten its neighbors with little domestic or international cost for its actions. This occurred most recently following the emergence of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) from the vacuum created by the Obama administration’s politically motivated withdrawal from the region which ignored the facts on the ground…


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