President Trump Condemns ALL Racism and Violence One Year After Charlottesville

A year ago, the nation was rocked by violent clashes between Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other protesters and a hodgepodge group of white nationalists who had gathered to protest the re-naming of a park in Charlottesville, Virginia that had previously commemorated a Confederate general.

In the midst of the clashes, a man from the white nationalist side drove his car into a crowd, fatally striking 32-year-old Heather Heyer.

A media ever-eager to tie President Trump to racism or white supremacy of any kind subjected every word he had in response to a hail of scrutiny, twisting his words in any way they could to make it appear as though he had praised the white nationalists and was sympathetic to their cause.

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His infamous line “there were good people on both sides”, made in reference to the debate over the removal of Confederate statues and monuments at a circus of a press conference following the uproar in Charlottesville, has forever rang in the ears of liberals who were led to believe he was saying there were good people on both sides of the clash in Charlottesville.

He was truly stuck between a rock and a hard place, however, when you consider that Black Lives Matter and Antifa had themselves been displaying their own left-leaning brand of racism, violence, and division, and the fact that they showed up to protest actual white supremacists for once didn’t make them any more virtuous.

So while he was once again subject to criticism and scrutiny, President Trump did the right thing this week by tweeting out a general condemnation of all violence and hatred ahead of the anniversary of Hayer’s death.

This is a statement that should be universally accepted and, no matter what his critics say, the President is absolutely right.

ALL types of violence and racism are wrong, period.

The intersectional left has deluded themselves into thinking that when progressives or minority groups act upon their own racism or desire to cause violence, it is somehow more moral because they’re “marginalized”. But this couldn’t be less American.

Our nation was founded on the simple principle that we are all created equal before God, and the color of one’s skin or the history of one’s ethnic group makes no difference. Right is right and wrong is wrong and causing violence and division in the name of racial progress is always, always wrong.

Good on Mr. President for sticking to a message everyone should be able to relate to.

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