President Trump Commemorates 230 Years of the Constitution

Over the weekend, President Trump delivered his weekly address and commemorated the 230th anniversary of the Constitution.

He praised the document as the best form of government ever devised by men and he asked every American to recommit themselves to our Founding principles and the defense of our Republic.

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From the White House:

I would like to begin by continuing to send our prayers to all of those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. From Texas to Louisiana to Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, we are coordinating closely with local authorities to help everyone impacted by these catastrophic storms. When Americans are in need, America pulls together. And we will not rest until everyone is safe, sound, and secure. We will be there tomorrow and the day after, as we work to respond, recover, and rebuild.

When Americans are united, no force on earth can break us apart.

This week, the United States celebrates the 230th Anniversary of the signing of our remarkable Constitution.

The fifty-five Delegates to the Grand Convention in Philadelphia met from May to September of 1787. They gave us an incredible gift: a vision of the sovereign and self-governing people to control their own affairs. And they gave us a Constitutional system that protected our liberties by enshrining the Rule of Law.

Patriots like Washington, Madison, Hamilton, Franklin, and so many others had already achieved immortality through their victory in the Revolution. But soon after, these extraordinary leaders faced another task unlike any other—the task of building a brand new nation. So they designed a system of government, rooted in common laws, history, and traditions that would secure the liberty, equality, and rights they had fought for and fought to defend in the American Revolution.

The Framers of our Constitution triumphantly declared to whom the government of the United States belonged: it was “WE THE PEOPLE.” These three beautiful words are among the most important ideas in our nation’s history: the idea that government’s power is vested in the nation’s citizens – the people to whom we owe our ultimate and sacred allegiance. Our soldiers fight and die to protect our citizens, and our government is forever duty bound to safeguard their sovereignty and their freedom.

For 230 years, we have governed ourselves and planned our own destiny, guarded all the way by the Constitution of the United States.

On this Sunday, Constitution Day, let us recommit ourselves to our Founding Principles, and rededicate ourselves to our glorious heritage. We have inherited a birthright of freedom – we must defend it dearly, protect it jealously, and promote it proudly, as one nation under God. We must rise to the task of self-governance, prove worthy of the sacrifices made to carve out this magnificent nation, and we must give our loyalty to our Republic and its citizens in all that we do.

So let us pledge allegiance to our flag, devote our hearts to our country, and demonstrate our love for one another—as Americans, as Patriots, and as the children of God.

Thank you.

Onan Coca

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