President Trump, Avoid Bill Pryor Like the Plague

Joe Seer /

Who’s Bill Pryor? You’ll know for sure if he ever makes it to the Supreme Court. Bill Pryor is being considered to be a Supreme Court Justice pick.  Bill Pryor pushed to remove Roy Moore from office. Bill Pryor is a favorite of the Establishment Karl Rovian wing of the GOP.

A battle between two Christian conservative heroes is shaping up in Alabama. On Nov.10, attorney general Bill Pryor (R) asked the Alabama Court of the Judiciary to remove the state’s Chief Justice Roy Moore from office. Moore, long an outspoken advocate for displaying the Ten Commandments on government property, is facing a trial before the court. He was suspended earlier this year by the state’s judicial ethics board after he openly defied a federal court order to remove a massive monument to the Ten Commandments from a state building. At the time Pryor announced his intention to cooperate with federal authorities to remove the monument even though he had earlier defended Moore’ position that the display is Constitutional.

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There will not be a peep from the mainstream media or GOP Establishment about what Pryor did to Moore if Bill Pryor is considered for the Supreme Court. The Republicrats will keep the Roy Moore backstory silent. The GOP Establishment will gleefully throw Evangelicals and Conservatives under the bus with a Bill Pryor appointment. The Rainbow Jihad will continue to run rampant and Pryor will side with them. Religious liberties will be eliminated with Pryor on the Supreme Court. Expect the GOP Establishment to make a strong play to have Trump choose Pryor.

President Trump ignore those Establishment voices they do not speak for us. We want a Scalia for a Scalia. We do not want a Roberts for a Scalia or a Kennedy for a Scalia. As Steve Deace noted, whoever Trump chooses as Supreme Court Justice will be good indication of how he will lead the rest of the country.

If Trump won’t give us a Scalia for a Scalia now, when he’s on a honeymoon with the American people and has ample political capital to spend, what makes you think he’ll fight to replace a Kennedy or Ruth Bader Ginsburg (both of whom are over 80 years-old) with a conservative later on when that fight promises to be much tougher?

This is why this is the most important early decision of the Trump presidency. It will set a tone in telling us whether Trump will keep his most important promises or not.

Now is not the time to be on the sideline if you value Religious Liberty. Call your Congressman. Be on your knees nightly for your President. Make your voices  known  of who Bill Pryor is and who he represents.

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