President Pulls the Plug on Pill Pushers with New Opioid Regulations

The only surefire way to incapacitate a venomous snake is to remove the head swiftly and completely.

This same logic applies to President Donald Trump’s hopes of draining the Washington swamps of establishment vermin and their elitist ways.  The most difficult aspect of this task, of course, is discovering a way to reach far enough into the deep, deep pockets of the men that much of D.C. is beholden to in order to render their influence null and void.

Much of the attention regarding lobbyists and special interest groups on Capitol Hill tends to fall into the orbit of the fuel and energy industries.  Buzzwords like “fossil fuels” and “fracking” dominate the corruption landscape with an exorbitant number of activists working day and night to expose the supposed evils of Big Oil and their cohorts.

In recent years, however, it has become readily apparent that so-called “Big Pharmaceutical” is a much more sinister threat in D.C. than nearly everyone else, and with good reason.  The group is behind some of the more catastrophic realities of American life in our modern age, as opioid overdoses spiral out of control in our country thanks to the addictive power of prescription narcotics being peddled by these enormous corporations.

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Furthermore, the power wielded by these establishment purveyors of addiction and death has largely gone unchallenged thanks to the stranglehold that these companies have on our legislative process.  Alternative medicines have been repeatedly squashed under the almighty fistful of dollars that Big Pharma maintains, leading a great many Americans into a dark and desperate life of addiction, sickness, and death.

President Trump has recognized this epidemic, thankfully, and is taking steps to actively reduce the number of Americans being adversely affected by the pharmaceutical industry’s reckless greed.

“New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held the third formal meeting of President Trump’s ongoing Commission on Combatting Drug Addiction and Opioid Crisis, where officials in the pharmaceutical industry and government detailed new partnerships and efforts in the hopes of limiting the use of opioid prescriptions for combatting pain and recommending new treatments for pain management without the use of addictive substances.

“National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins advised the commission that the agency is looking to build partnerships with researchers across academia, government, prescribers and patients to ‘cut in half the time needed to make available prescriptions that are non-addictive.’

“He said areas like developing ‘potent but non-addictive drugs’ for pain relief and offering new avenues for treatment would become a top priority for the partnership.

“Christie said by changing the culture inside hospitals, it shows that ‘opioids are not the first resort for pain management’ and helps lower the prescription rate for medications.”

One such alternative has been medicinal marijuana, and in locales where doctor-prescribed cannabis is being used to treat chronic pain a dramatic decrease in opioid dependence has been witnessed.

Of course, Big Pharma has been hard at work lobbying against legal marijuana due to their inability to patent and control the profits from a plant.  This has led to a difficult situation for many in the healthcare industry who are seeing massively positive results from the inclusion of cannabis as a medicinal option, while still being pressured immensely by the deep-pocketed peddlers of pain pills.

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