President Obama Plans Hillary Rescue Tour for October

Are the Dems worried that a Hillary rescue is necessary?

Listen to how Jeff Zeleny adds “of course” in the following report to prime listeners to believe that the President is not engaged in a Hillary rescue operation.

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The liberal site Politics USA reports,

CNN Jeff Zeleny reported, “President Obama is on the verge of returning back to the campaign trail on September 13 in Philadelphia for Hillary Clinton, but that is not all. Democrats familiar with his schedule tell me that he is going to devote nearly all of October to campaigning for Hillary Clinton. He’s going to be, of course, trying to fire up black voters in North Carolina and in other states, but also setting his sights on Iowa and Nevada. Those are two states with more white populations, particularly Iowa, where he won, and she is struggling mightily, so look for him to be all in in October as well as Joe Biden and Michelle Obama.”

It has been decades since Democrats had a popular incumbent president who was invited to hit the campaign trail for the party’s nominee. President Obama has made a few appearances with Hillary Clinton, but outside of his speech at the Democratic convention, Obama hasn’t been a factor in the 2016 contest.

The instigator of Obamacare is “a popular incumbent president”? The President who never achieved a three-percent growth rate in the economy is “a popular incumbent president”?

That doesn’t sound credible. In 2014, Democrat candidates stayed away from President Obama. Obama is the reason the GOP has a Senate majority!

It will be interesting to see if Obama can convince angry Bernie supporters in Iowa and Nevada to show up at the polls for Hillary in November. I doubt it.

Even more interesting is the fact that Barack Obama is going to campaign to African Americans in North Carolina. That gives us clear evidence that Democrats are worried that Donald Trump’s appeal to black voters is working.

Also, we have to wonder if Hillary Clinton has enough stamina to campaign as much as she needs to. With Barack Obama there won’t be a need for a stool to lean against, pillows on his chair, or a medical handler to get him through brain “short circuits.”

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