President Obama Boasts in His Failed Economy while Clinton Runs against It

President Obama boasts that he saved us from a depression while Americans suffer under his wounding of the economy.

The economic bad news leaks past the government propaganda while President Obama boasts about what a great job he did. The Washington Times reports,

The White House labored Thursday to explain a first-quarter economic report showing the weakest growth in two years, even as President Obama was trumpeting his mastery of the economy in a New York Times Magazine interview.

The Department of Commerce reported that U.S. gross domestic product rose 0.5 percent in the first quarter of 2016, the third straight sluggish start to a year. Consumer spending and business purchases both fell, continuing trends that could have ominous implications for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as she tries to claim the mantle as Mr. Obama’s successor.

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The story reports that Presidents Obama boasts in statements such as,

  • I’m proud about the work we did to save the economy. Right after we came in, we were in a free fall and could have experienced a worldwide depression.
  • Saving the world economy from a great depression, that was pretty good.

What was Obama’s plan to save the world from a ruined economy? More of what ruined it! He kept Bush appointees like Ben Bernanke and elevated other key people from the Bush regime like Timothy Geithner. They dealt with an economic crisis caused by cheap money by pushing interest rates down further.

Them Barack Obama wrecked it further by piling Obamacare on our backs.

Even now the only “solution” to our economy that Obama can understand is yet more debt-backed spending. According to the Washington Times, White House press secretary Josh Earnest blamed the Republican Congress for not improving the economy because they wouldn’t approve more infrastructure funding.

Meanwhile, Clinton has to win an election in a nation that knows it is suffering under a weak economy. She knows her Republican opponent will be reminding voters of who has occupied the White House over the last eight years.

As a result of her quandary we get treated to Bill Clinton attacking the Obama economy!

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