President Facing Lawsuit From Wine Bar for Absurd Reason


Donald Trump has had his fair share of detractors and attackers over the course of his fledgling presidency, but I doubt he expected to be sued by a wine bar.

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Yet, here we are, learning of a lawsuit filed in Washington D.C. that is aimed squarely at President Trump, the businessman turned politician, for damages caused by his becoming the president.  It seems that one small wine bar in D.C. is having trouble competing with the nearby Trump Hotel bar, and they believe they should be compensated by Donald Trump for the downturn in business.

“On Wednesday, Cork Wine bar sued Trump and his DC hotel for unfair business practices. When the hotel opened on September 12, it was just another competitor. Following the election that changed because ‘many organizations and individuals, including citizens of nations other than the United States, substantially increased their use of the Hotel and its various facilities to the detriment of Cork.’

“It’s a fact that diplomats are staying at the hotel to influence Trump, as reflected in a Washington Post article, back in November.

“The couple says they have lost business to Trump’s DC hotel since the election. That’s what is key. There was no demonstrable loss of income when Trump was a candidate. Only when he started using the presidency to promote the hotel.”

This is simply another case of misusing the judicial system to annoy and offend someone who is beating you at your own business.  Frivolous lawsuits such as this could only be concocted by lawyers flippantly throwing darts at a wall of possible lawsuits, seeing which ones stick, and riding the wave of liberal public opinion to gain notoriety for their case and themselves.

Feel free to lodge this legal proceeding directly in the circular filing cabinet.

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