Pray for a Miracle, Then Go Out and Vote

Words from the grapevine out in California.

While Democrats and the media continue to insist there is no voter fraud, several Republicans in Southern California have told me that they never received their sample ballots in the mail, and now reports have been reaching my perked-up ears that some Republican early voters have been told that they already voted.

Don’t know if that’s a trend or a fluke, but if you’re registered in California (or anywhere else) and you get told that you’ve already voted, leave a note in the comments below. Be sure to go to your polling place today and inform the polling captain that you’ve been a victim of voter fraud, and find out what you can do about it. Write down the captain’s name and the ID number of the polling place.

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I’ve  read and heard a lot of hype about how young people are really engaged by this election. I’m not so sure that’s really the case.

The young voters I’ve been talking to are feeling a lot of things other than enthusiastic. A lot of them who were Bernie Sanders supporters are feeling robbed. They know now that the entire primary process was rigged against Sanders from the start, and many of them believe he was bought off. While a few have mentioned voting for Donald Trump out of frustration with the Democrats and the criminal behavior of Hillary Clinton, more have seemed inclined to simply not vote, feeling their voices will not be heard if they did.

Even more disturbing is a small number of young conservatives who have expressed outright fear of voting for Trump, because they worry that our government or the Left will find out and potentially retaliate by hindering their future careers. It’s not just paranoia stoking those fears, but knowledge of the way the NSA and other agencies keep records of Americans’ day-to-day activities, along with awareness of how the Obama Administration has used the IRS and other agencies to intimidate conservatives. The Left has a long history of getting hold of lists of political donors or membership rolls for conservative groups and harassing the people they find on those lists. (Read The Intimidation Game by Kim Strassel if you need extensive details.)

The Left likes to fuss about “voter suppression” anytime someone mentions checking IDs at the polls, but it turns out the real voter suppressant is fear of a corrupt, left-wing government.

Final thoughts for this Election Day 2016: Stay safe when you vote. Not only has ISIS promised violence, but the number of incidents of harassment, vandalism and violence against Trump supporters by left-wing crazies recently has swelled.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you into not voting, and go vote even if you think your candidate might lose. The one absolute rule I recognize in politics is, if you don’t vote, you don’t get to bitch.

So unless you want to have tape over your mouth for the next four years, get off your duff, say a prayer for the future of the country, then vote.

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