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POTUS Takes Swing at Mueller-Comey Friendship, Calls It “Worrisome”

Liberals across the nation had a synchronized conniption fit when President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, and now, they’re about to have another major mental episode.

The firing of Comey, which was due to his lackadaisical effort when it came to prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her egregious national security slip-ups during her time as Secretary of State, had leftist heads spinning.  In the months following the democrats’ embarrassing electoral evisceration in November, liberals the nation over began a campaign to attach Russian hackers to Donald Trump’s victory, claiming that the Trump campaign was actively colluding with the Kremlin in order to defeat Hillary Clinton.  Of course, enough ranting and raving occurred to where the FBI was forced to get involved.

Even though James Comey’s investigation found no collusion between Trump and the Russians, the left was still convinced that there was some way to delegitimize the presidency of The Donald.  When Comey was relieved of duty, the left immediately cried foul, declaring that his termination was due to his investigation of Russia’s effect on the election, and not due to his own miserable failures as Director of the FBI.

Now, the left has gotten another one of their traitorous wishes, with Special Counsel Robert Mueller being appointed in order to further this wayward investigation.  As Donald Trump publicly revealed his concerns over Mueller’s personal relationship with James Comey, you could almost hear the cacophony of leftist shrieks in the distance.

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“President Donald Trump said that it was ‘bothersome’ special counsel Robert Mueller was friends with former FBI director James Comey, as he signaled hope that he would conduct the Russian investigation properly.

“’Robert Mueller is an honorable man, and hopefully he will come up within a honorable solution,’ Trump said in an interview with Fox and Friends.

“But Trump signaled concern about Mueller’s friendship with Comey and his decision to hire some lawyers who either worked for Hillary Clinton or donated to Democrats.

“’He is very, very good friends with Comey, which is very bothersome, but we’re going to have to see,’ Trump said.

“’The whole thing is ridiculous,’ Trump said.”

This twinge of disapproval from the President is surely creating havoc within the minds of radical leftist everywhere.

Even before the Special Counsel began their investigation in earnest, the democrats were calling for impeachment should Trump also fire Mueller, conjuring Nixonian imagery and carelessly throwing around the “W” word.  Now that Trump has expressed his displeasure at the situation, be on the look our for hysterical takes from the liberal media that continue their trajectory toward hysteria.

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