Stormy Daniels

POTUS’ Stern Twitter Storm DESTROYS Stormy Daniels’ Sordid Story

The latest cockamamy scheme in the democrats’ long list of ways to impugn the President is a salacious tale of a former adult actress, extortion from a dozen years ago, and a publicity stunt gone awry.

Which, is to say that it’s at least a little less predictable than the nonsensical #RussiaGate investigation being cobbled together by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his band of merry pranksters.  In the case of the Stormy Daniels storyline, at least we can be entertained by the undeniable death spiral of the mainstream media, who are now flocking to low-rent strip clubs in order to corral viewers and woo advertisers.

This is the mainstream equivalent of a bad actor in a Kung Fu movie who spasms and twitches on the ground long after being dispatched by our fast-footed hero.  CNN’s last ditch effort at acceptable ratings has all the attention-grabbing panache of a bad Hollywood extra.  We regrettably have to agree with Michelle Wolf on this one:  Mainstream media is on its deathbed.

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Stormy’s story isn’t anything new.  In fact, her claims stem from a 12 year old interaction between herself and the Trump legal team in which Trump lawyer Michael Cohen gave Daniels $130,000 and a non-disclosure agreement in order to silence the adult film has-been on what she claimed was an affair between herself and the future President.

Now, in typical, mold-shattering Trump fashion, the President has responded personally to the attacks, saying that yes, he did indeed pay Daniels $130,000, but only to silence her extortionist tactics.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, President Trump confirmed the account of his handling of the Stormy Daniels “hush money” revealed by Rudy Guiliani on Wednesday night. Trump said he did reimburse his personal lawyer Michael Cohen for the $130,000 NDA payment to Daniels through “a monthly retainer.” The arrangement, he said, was standard operating procedure “among celebrities and people of wealth.”

“Mr. Cohen, an attorney, received a monthly retainer, not from the campaign and having nothing to do with the campaign, from which he entered into, through reimbursement, a private contract between two parties, known as a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA,” wrote Trump.

“These agreements are very common among celebrities and people of wealth,” he continued.

“In this case it is in full force and effect and will be used in Arbitration for damages against Ms. Clifford (Daniels),” he wrote. “The agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations made by her about an affair, despite already having signed a detailed letter admitting that there was no affair. Prior to its violation by Ms. Clifford and her attorney, this was a private agreement.”

He ended his statement by underscoring that the $130,000 payment to Daniels did not violate campaign finance law, as many have speculated.

“Money from the campaign, or campaign contributions, played no roll in this transaction,” he concluded.

As Donald Trump was so fond of doing during the election of 2016, here we see him once again breaking the 1%er’s fourth wall, giving the American public an insight into the obnoxious, litigious dealings of a man who has had a target on his back since his 30’s.

And, let’s be honest, what other President is going to come right out and say “Sure did.  Here’s why.  So what?!”?

Bravo, sir.


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