POTUS Ready to Rumble With Twitter Tyrants Over Shadow Banning

There is no doubt anymore:  Being a conservative voice in America is no longer protected by the First Amendment thanks to the gatekeepers of Silicon Valley.

Sure, we have a right to say what we say, and opine over whatever it is that we opine over, but that certainly hasn’t translated into an equal opportunity to share these views and opinions on the internet.

Facebook was the first to come right out and admit that they were keeping conservative news from “trending” on their platform, simply because they didn’t like it.  It didn’t take very long of the other shoes to drop either, with YouTube going after the free press of the internet almost immediately after Facebook’s admission.  In fact, just yesterday, YouTube took another swipe at the not-mainstream media by issuing a second “strike” to Infowars and Alex Jones.

Now, after Twitter has admitted to “shadow banning” republicans voices, the President of The United States is getting involved in hopes of restoring the First Amendment to the all powerful tool that the internet has become.

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“Not good. We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once!” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Many complaints.”

Breitbart News has covered Twitter’s practice of hiding tweets and accounts of conservatives for over a year. On Monday, Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari reported on Twitter’s latest “shadow ban” attempt on his account and other Breitbart News reporters as well as prominent Republicans. Recently, left-leaning outlets have also reported on the issue.

A Twitter spokesman told VICE News Wednesday that their technology was based on “account *behavior* not the content of Tweets.”

This cannot be stated succinctly or often enough:  You’re either free, or you’re not.  If Twitter and Facebook are “shadow banning” conservatives, guess which side of the line they fall on?

Free speech may very well be the most important right granted to any person, anywhere in the world.  If Twitter believes that they are somehow above that right, they’ve got another thing coming, and POTUS might just be the best man for the job of explaining that to them.


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