POTUS Gets Set to Declare Public Health Emergency Over…

While the role of Commander in Chief is usually considered a militaristic one in terms of national security, there are other threats to American society that the President must also face.

Natural disasters are certainly one of those threats, and President Donald Trump has endured his fair share of those in his first year on the job.  Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and Harvey have all absolutely battered the United States, and while the President has been quick to provide relief to suffering Americans in their wake, there will always be some form of liberal resistance to his actions.

Now, Trump is eyeing up yet another wide-sweeping concern that many Americans have regarding prescription drugs and their dangerous addictiveness.

“President Donald Trump will declare the opioid crisis a public health emergency, according to a senior administration official.

‘The declaration will allow government agencies to provide immediate assistance to communities struggling with opioid addiction.

“The president is expected to speak candidly about addiction during his speech, a senior administration official explained in a call with reporters on Thursday and may share his own story of how addiction affected his family.

“Trump’s brother Fred was an alcoholic and died at age 43.

“’We value these lives, each and every life is of infinite worth and we can save these lives,’ the official said.”

The opioid crisis in America is much more complex than a simple case of addiction and abuse.

Thanks to the Big Pharmaceutical industry and their underhanded tactics, doctors around the nation are being handed massive incentives to continue prescribing opiate-based painkillers to Americans who may not need them.  This is due to the massive wealth of these industrial corporations, and their ability to subvert Congress and the FDA with their teams of political lobbyists armed with cold hard cash.

Furthermore, even with research showing that the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana has led to a massive plummeting of opioid-related deaths in locales where cannabis is allowed, these pharmaceutical giants are working to this inexpensive and non-habit forming plant from replacing their highly addictive, pill form of heroin.

With any luck, the President’s declaration will open the eyes of legislators at both the state and federal level to the intense dangers of continued servitude to the corrupt pharmaceutical industry.

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