POTUS Eviscerates Inexcusable ‘Plot’ By FBI To Prevent His Election

As Americans, we hold a certain vision of the FBI, CIA, and other, more clandestine branches of our intelligence community.  Namely, that these institutions are likely employing some devious techniques to keep Americans safe.

What we never imagined, however, was that the FBI would be actively working against the will of We The People, especially not during a heated general election such as the one that we experienced back in 2016.

Yet, this is exactly what we are learning this week after the U.S. Investigator General dropped a scathing report on the FBI’s malfeasance during that fateful election that saw the citizenry of the United States clamoring for the populism of Donald Trump.  Not only did the IG find that there was widespread anti-Trump fervor within the FBI, but that it infiltrated the Mueller investigation as well with two adulterous agents who told one another that the FBI won’t let Trump become the President.

Now, on the heels of this fallout, the President has responded, and it is quite predictably not a pretty reaction.

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President Donald Trump disputed findings by the Justice Department on Friday that former FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe was not politically motivated, declaring that the FBI was biased “at the top level” and “plotting against my election.”

The department’s inspector general report, while critical of the FBI and Comey personally, did not find evidence that political bias tainted the investigation of Clinton’s email practices in the months and days leading up to Trump’s election.

But on Friday, after tweeting that he did a “great service” to the nation by firing Comey, Trump marched out to the White House North Lawn to talk with “Fox & Friends” for more than half an hour, claiming the report “totally” exonerated him, then pointing to accomplishments he said he’s achieved and complaining about not getting proper credit.

Trump’s reaction mimics the reaction of a great many Americans who can’t understand how there was “no bias”, but also agents vowing to “stop the election” of Donald Trump.

Those things do not compute, and the IG’s suggestion of impartiality was likely nothing more than a calculated bit of political obtuseness to prevent wholesale rioting in the streets by the American people who have been so thoroughly denigrated by the intelligence community, despite the fact that their salaries are completely dependent on our tax revenue.

Despite the media’s intense campaign of disinformation, and Mueller’s insistence on doing pretty much whatever he wants, the American people are quickly turning on the Special Counsel, with public opinion of the witch hunt dipping toward 50%, at which point the President could be well justified in ending the investigation on the command of We The People.


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